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  1. Hi Don- That sure was nice to hear that somebody missed me around the Shelby world..... It's been a rough ride these last few years and I missed all the great people. Things are going well now and the family is great. Now that the Series 1 is gone and the money has gone to pay down the mortgage on the farm, I'm starting to save for another GT500. It sure would be nice to have another Horsepower on the Horse Farm wouldn’t it??? I'm selling off just about all of my Shelby memorabilia collection including many autographs to go to getting a GT500 again. Yes, this time a Blue one. If you or anyone you know looking for some cool stuff let me know. My email is brad@ridgewoodcsw.com Thanks and great to hear from you again-
  2. My car sold this weekend an Mecum in Kissimmee. I still have the jacket and cover if anyone is interested. Brad
  3. My Series 1 is still for sale. email me any questions and serious offers. Please forward my web site to anyone you think might be interested. Thanks- www.csx5000.com
  4. Search the posts from the 2009 HOTHF and you will find all the info. UCF area of Orlando.
  5. Please do not send any money in for the 2010 Horsepower on the Horse Farm untill January 1st. You can mail your registration but please do not send or Pay Pal money yet. I'll update everyone should this change. Thanks for your support, Brad
  6. That will make mine a steal!!! No 10% buyers fee also. I may be willing to throw in the signed and numbered jacket as well....... www.csx5000.com for more details.
  7. Just updated at www.FordGT.me you will find the details for the 2010 Horsepower on the Horse Farm Shelby Show. If you don't know about this show just ask anyone and they will tell you all about it. Please pass this link along to everyone you know to have the great turnout that we always get. Any questions just email me at: brad@FordGT.me and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. We also have Don Donelson aka 1badsho back to help make this better than ever. Thanks in advance for your support- Brad
  8. Thank you to all..... Please get the word out to as many people and web sites as you can. I need to get my car sold and I also need to pick back up the planning for Horsepower on the Horse Farm 2010. I have been preoccupied with other more pressing issues over the last few months and have let things slip. The show isn’t about me, it’s about the people who attend and the cars. Look for more updates to come about the show soon. Thank you all again for your support, Brad
  9. FOR SALE SHELBY SERIES 1 1999 CSX 5051 2,500 Miles, Mint Condition, All Original Paperwork, 2nd Owner, Just as it Left the Shelby Factory in Vegas. This car is priced to sell at $109,000 You will not find a better car for this kind of money. The Car is Located near Orlando, 45 Minuets from Orlando International Airport or 15 Minuets from The Sanford International Airport For more info and photos go to: www.csx5000.com email me at brad@fordgt.me or brad@csx5000.com Please pass the word around for me. I have priced this car to sell quick
  10. Nice plate- I hope we'll see you at the Horsepower on the Horse Farm in Oviedo. Go to www.FrodGT.me for all the information. Pick up a copy of 5.0 Mustang and super fords in August and check out the 07 Hertz rigt in the middle of the photo. Last year we had one 06 and one 07 Hertz car and looking for more!!! Let me know if you need more information. Email me at brad@fordgt.me to get on the list for local events that we are having.
  11. Some things I like and some I don’t on the Series 2. They say when they sold off the inventory from Shelby that you could put about 100 cars from the parts that were sold. This is one great car and it's only a madder of time before it is sold as a kit car like the Cobra. The Series 1 is one great car and has its flaws but man what a car. As far as the registry...... The Team Shelby registry has a spot for the Series 1 on line but will this ever be a print version like the SAAC registry? I don't think the "Series II" should be included, did Shelby build it? What makes it a Shelby other than the license agreement to use the name and copy the body? This next part is a KILLER, I asked Rick Kopec of SAAC if the Series 1 cars were going to be included in the registry and his response was "NO". He claims the there is just not enough "Interest" in the car. What the @#$#! No interest, duh that's why they only sold 249 units!!!! That was almost 10 years ago now they need to wake up and realize this is history. Ten years ago they were introduced and now they are being sold as a roller. Not included in the registry? It's more of a Shelby than half the cars in the registry, when will they wake up. Any way, Series 1 or Series 2, it's one hell of a car!!! Brad CSX 5051
  12. Don- I knew this had been planned for some time and want you to know that you will always have a Shelby to drive as long as I can afford to keep mine!!! Well, I don’t have my GT 500 anymore but you are welcomed to Jess’s Hertz Shelby. I don’t think you’ll pass up a spin in the Series 1 either. Cars come and go but true friends are timeless! You are a good man and if it wasn’t for our cars we may not have met, that would be something to be sad about. The fact is that you will have another car someday and we will still be good friends. Horsepower on the Horse Farm would not be the same without you and we need your help!!!! Pig should be getting the DVD finished soon and I hope to see you at the farm for the premier. You know you always have a place to stay so the only thing different will be that you will be driving a different car. Keep spreading the word about Horsepower on the Horse Farm and let’s have an official HOTHF meeting when we all get together for the DVD. Keep your head up and remember that I love you like a brother, an O’Duels drinking brother but none the less a true friend- Stay Tough, Brad
  13. You bid on them first so you got em. Good luck. Take note of the shipping costs, it added $200 to ship to me. Enjoy them- Brad
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