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    I have always been into mustang, trucks, motorcycles, boats just about anything motorized. I love hanging out at the lake
  1. Rob, we would gladly take some of that moisture, this year has been dry for us. In Denver March is supposed to be the snowiest month and we've only had a couple of dustings, tomorrow is suppose sunny and high 70's. Luckily our mountains are sitting at about 120% snowpack. Hopefully you'll see some light and the end of your funnel soon! he he
  2. Looks great! I know pre pegged carbon more smooth but how accurate is the MAF compared to a machined aluminum piece? Just curious how sensitive the MAF sensor is to irregularities?
  3. That looks like an awesome time! :happy feet: What kinda MPH were you hitting on the straight away? The car looks and sounds great! Nice tow set up too! Hopefully next year we can get a group to do this at High Plains
  4. AAI Speed in Arvada carries some fittings but not in black. They can also make up hoses and brake lines. I would also check with Lethal Performance or Fore Precision about a kit if the rails have the same threads.
  5. I had this exact same problem when I had a VMP67, it never happened on the dyno but on the street. It took a few driving data logs sent to Jon L. and he figured it out. I recall it had to do with the TB and torque limits.
  6. Get the Fore fuel rails, much better looking imo and will fit with the 2.9
  7. Sounds like they knew they were sending you on your way with an unfinished car! I've heard other's problems from them but yours takes the cake and for sure will never do business with them. Sorry for all your troubles, glad you have your car back and hope you get it squared away.
  8. I have about 5k mi. on mine, I know don't drive it enough! It still looks like new with no damage and I've been down a few dirt roads. I don't know what effects the heat will have on it only time will tell. I went with this shaft for couple of reasons one was damage to the tunnel if it were to break would be minimal compared to an aluminum or steel counterpart as someone on this forum encoutered and weight. If I were to buy another shaft I would make the same choice. Hope that helps
  9. I've had my PST for three years and love it with no problems. Glad to see you don't have to change the pinion yoke now. Anyone having doubts about the price it's worth it, very high quality piece!
  10. Put the car in sixth gear and set the parking brake
  11. Those look like J&M and not the only ones I've seen bend. IMO I would go with CHE or BMR that have support all the way around the bracket. I'm sure Lethal can get you squared away!
  12. Those look great, they look similar to the 11' SVT package wheels. Do you mind posting price on those bad boys?
  13. This is very sad even though I have never met Mark, just knowing of him from these forums makes him seem like family. My thoughts and prayers to the family as well as all the men and women in the armed forces, past and present.
  14. The ford gt tube may fit the 123mm MAF but will not fit the standard size TB's, the KB TB is bigger
  15. What about an aluminum block Edit; sorry I thought I was replying to post #24 then read this post :fool:
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