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  1. Step 1: Finally purchased a 2012 black Raptor. Step 2: Been chatting with the Shelby team about plans to get my Raptor there. Step 3: Saving up for the Shelby conversion. Need to sell my F150 Shelby tribute to help fund the Raptor conversion. Anyone interested, send me a note. Step 4: Ship my Raptor to Shelby hopefully in the next few months.
  2. At first I didn't like the new body style as it reminded me too much of the 90's Mustangs - too round. But now the body style is growing me. But I really like this 350R, except for the wing. Yes, definitely love the color and wish it had silver or light gray stripes instead of the black but hopefully it's an option. I like what someone suggested in making the wing part of the deck lid and raise when needed. Or, maybe make it removable so it can be installed on track day. I think SA can do lots, such as many mentioned above, but also install the 130# worth of items not installed at Ford (AC, rear seat...) rather than have Ford add them at delivery.
  3. I agree that most of the history isn't correct, but while I think the $ is ambitious, I am hopeful he gets it as that will help showcase the value of all of ours. It doesn't help that mine is up for sale at this time too, so I hope all of our cars finally start moving up where they belong.
  4. I am just reading this thread now. What did the car go for at the auction?
  5. Great to see some of this discussed. It's been so long that I actually forgot what the acronym was that we called the long and painful wait. Something like Shelby Distress Waiting Syndrome, or some sort of syndrome. Mine was 7 hellish months, but worth every minute. But it sure was incredibly painful. Congrats RaisedOnFords. Be sure to post pics when it arrives.
  6. That's all definitely a future trivia question... 1) Was a GT500 ever arrested? Yes 2) What's the last name of the GT500 that got arrested in 2014? Miller 3) How many tattoos can a GT500 have? 4) How can a GT500 kill someone? Not by going to fast, but by a hatchet LMAO
  7. Thanks all. It was a lot of work to make it but well worth it. Phil, I started using my SHELBY letters from my extra CS8 grille that I bought several years ago but they were too small for the truck. I actually got a cheap set of letters from AutoZone. Doug, yes, I'm afraid it almost looks better with your car since both have the chrome rims. Was great to see you and the rest of the guys at Michael's annual event. BTW, I texted a few pics to Amy B and received a nice comment back from her. I was psyched.
  8. Thanks guys. Bill, I hope to see you at this year's Tasca show.
  9. My version of a "Tribute Shelby GT F150."
  10. Ok, I thought I'd give an update (July 2014)... As some of you know, I had been very interested a while ago in some form of a Shelby GT type of F150. So I decided to make my own "Tribute Shelby GT F150." I am happy to say that my version "TascaShelby GT/TR F150" is just about finished. I took some pics but will post more when I put the remaining decals on. It took me a long time to get a set of the American Racing wheels to match. I couldn't find any silver ones, and I considered painting these, but I thought it still looked pretty good with the chrome. Anyway, I hope ya'll enjoy the pics. Sorry I haven't been on much anymore, life just keeps me very busy. Michael, I am looking forward to seeing you all at your annual show. I'll bring all 4 vehicles down. More pics can be found on my website at http://www.TascaShelby.com or here: http://s221.photobucket.com/user/aodwyer/library/2014%20TascaShelby%20Family/Pics%20I%20took?sort=3&page=1
  11. Same here guys. I've hit 155+ on the track and my magnetic numbers never came off.
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