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  1. McFeely's is the place to get phillips (panhead) screws. I used a Dremel to grind down the head diameter to fit through the holes.
  2. Either I'm just lucky or I have a good system for taking care of my stripes. I have not had any trouble with my stripes and I DON"T have a garage. I keep a cover on the car when not driving it and I don't drive it in the rain or snow. The cover doesn't keep the car from getting wet but it does keep the sun off it. I wash and wax and always make sure the stripes are clean. I've had the car over four years now and the stripes are still very nice looking. What are you guys doing to your stripes?
  3. Shelby gauge pod is one of the coolest mods.
  4. I also have a 2007 without the IUP. Because I too didn't like all of the IUP features. I changed the steering wheel and shifter boot with the GT500 version (with black stitching). I added the Shelby gauge pod and SGT headrests (not covers) and console cover. All this with Shelby's sig on the airbag cover and I have quite an awsome looking interior. BTW, I was watching reruns of the Barrett-Jackson autions and I saw the sale of serial number one of the 2007 black SGT. The shot of the interior looked like it didn't have the IUP. It sold for $600,000 .
  5. My 2007 black SGT is the best looking car I've ever seen. I would trade in one of my Camrys for a Laguna Boss 302 if my wife didn't have a say in it though.
  6. I've always kept my stripes CLEAN. I don't drive in the rain or snow and I always keep a cover on the car when not driving it. I use Mequires wash, NXT wax and Ultimate spray cleaner and shine. I also clay bar twice a year before I wax. I've had mt 2007 black SGT for 4 years and haven't had one problem with spots or anything else with the stipes. I don't have a garage but the cover is doing a great job.
  7. +1 I just can't get past the looks of the new mustang. The back end is just terrible! I like the engine and transmission though.
  8. +1 I like the engine and trans of the new GT's and Boss 302's but the rear end is so ugly it would be hard to overlook. The SGT is by far the best looking mustang ever built!
  9. This is one of the first mods I did and it looks awesome. Go with a tune first and then do this mod.
  10. There's a car in that pic? Where?
  11. I observed the same problem and changed the hood pin set to the billet aluminum one and put in aluminum screws and that arrested the corrosion. In retrospect I think just changing the screws would have done the trick. McFeely's on the web is the place I got mine. I needed a square drive bit to install them which you can get from them.
  12. When I had the new scoop and stripes applied under warranty, I had the shop paint the scoop to match the stripes. Yes, the Shelby replacement stripe color did not match the replacement scoop! My scoop also has the stripe painted on and clear coated. Looks great! It cost $100 for the shop to do this.
  13. I ordered the new KR trunk liner with Shelby GT logo and Shelby's sig. It looks so cool I just couldn't pass on it. Now I'll have "Shelby" on every possible location on the car.
  14. I'm going to hold on to the ones I have. These aluminum screws tend to strip easily so I I've actually gone through 16 or so while I was reparing the bubble paint (taking the billet bases on and off, etc). If you are going to be checking on your corrosion from time to time, you'll need extras.
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