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  1. does anyone have a set of install instructions for the shelby hood pins like is on 07-09 super snakes
  2. I had the same problem after I widened my wheels I CHANGED the ford racing rear springs to Roush rear springs and it sits perfect now raised it 1/2 inch with 28.5 high tires 428cj
  3. No I sent my tvs to steggy for show polishing it looks great also sent the elbow for polishing 428cj
  4. YOU are right they have came down I checked the price back in 08 when I changed mine 428cj
  5. If you changed the top pulley on a 07 gt500 you need to change the bottom balancer to a 08 -12 model balancer the 07 weighs about 27lb it puts alot of stress on the crankshaft with a smaller top pulley . the newer balancer is only about 12 lbs .If you decide you want to change to a newer lighter one I have a used one with 200 miles on it off a 2010 gt500 they cost about 250.00 new I will sell this used one for 105.00 plus shipping just to get it out of my way . 428cj
  6. I have a used Steeda unit I will sell you 125.00 with the 2.50 top pulley it might help 428cj
  7. My son just got me a hat from Shelby shipping was 13.00 and change that is RIDICULOUS but he will not order anything from Shelby again.if they don't change there shipping charges they will loose alot orders 428cj
  8. GT67 used a differant offset wheel to widen to start with the offset that I have is different from the front wheel they set the tire inside the quarter panel about 3/8 of a inch I had to remove the bumpstop bracket and take shock covers off . Eric Vaughn adds another back to the wheels with only 1 complete weld it is not pieced togeather with several different welds and pieces 428cj
  9. 275 on front works great, big improvement in handling and traction on a warm day .I also like the tall tires alot better 428cj
  10. Do you want to sell your 20-9 razors that you are taking off and are they chrome and in good shape ? 428cj
  11. If you will Email me at michwrigh1@gmail.com and give me you Email address I will send you some pictures 428cj
  12. yes Eric VAUGHN widened my razors 11.00 is all you can go and you have to remove your bumpstop bracket and 315-35-20 is as big as you can go I used michellin SS all the way around with 275-35-20 on 9inch razors 428cj
  13. Has anyone had there fuel gauge go to a little over half way when the tank is full and as you drive it goes down like it should . it has set most of the winter . any ideas on this. 428cj
  14. NONE You only pick up about 3 rwhp if you take all of it off from the headers 428cj
  15. YES I got the first set of front rotors they sold about a year ago 428cj
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