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  1. I have a 13 GT500 without the track pack option. I take the car to track events on occasion and would like to put an oil cooler on the car. I've noted that the oil temp climbs pretty quickly forcing me to pull in to cool the oil down. The engine temp always stas at thermostat temp but the oil temp climbs quickly. I came to realize that it needs an oil cooler set up. I've researched and can't seem to find the stock track pack parts to purchase separately or even aftermarket parts. Can they be bought from Ford? SVT? I noted from the video Ford made with the various engineers that it appears the track pack added a oil cooler radiator and a thermostat to the stock set up...Can this be confirmed and can I just purchase those parts to add an oil cooler to my car? Any info would be greatly appreciated
  2. I agree with one of the prior posts....There are many differences between a KR and a 500. Many little things that you wouldn't normally look for. One big thing is that KR's have staggered rear shocks and the 500 doesnt. In any event, check the Shelby serial number with SAAC. There are many imposters out there and you can buy repro Shelby VIN tags also. The last thing you want to do is drop significant bucks on a fake - without an engine, hood or grill. Verify that the car is real with Rick Kopec or Vin Liska of SAAC. They;ll be able to help you. Good luck Jack
  3. When the Shelby was introduced, I really wanted to get one but I didnt want to pay any markup. I held out for the 03 Cobra and paid list a few years back. I knew out of the gate that the dealers would be raping customers and it happened. I fully expected it to tail off as time went on but it doesn't seem to be the case. My local dealer has a white GT500 sitting on the lot - which surprised me to see it sitting out there. I stopped to see what they were looking for and it was marked up $20k in addition to the typical dealer rip off - undercoating, paint sealant and upholstry treatment of 2k. What is everyone else seeing out there for mark ups now?
  4. And whats your guess Coldwater?
  5. My guess and I have no factual basis or rumor but this is what I would offer. A limited edition GT350 R. In 65 they made something like 300 of these bad boys. I would produce 300 of these Gt350 R's, stripped down race cars - similar to the 200 Cobra R, radio and A/C delete....pure racers.....I put in the 4.6 S/C motor - tweeked to 450hp......just my thoughts
  6. IMO, Ford is going to hike up the price of the KR by a hefty margin....say $10-15k.....They are only making 1000 units so they want in on the gouging well before the dealer frenzy. The Dealers? I guarantee the dealers that get an allocation (most won't) will be auctioning them to the highest bidder....I see this car pushing 6 figures - easily. I totally love the car but for that kind of money...NO WAY...It is basically a factory tuned hi-performance Mustang. The big premium that you are paying for is Shelby's name (as with the GT500 also). I was kind of hoping they would have dropped the GT's aluminum block in there to save weight and get it to an "underated" 550hp....IMO the current 500 needs to go on a diet (3900+lbs) and I was hoping they would have addressed it with the KR. I have an 03 Cobra, I run it on road courses and that it is too dam heavy (3700+ lbs). Fun fun car but a pig Its sad because Ford really hit a home run with this....why not sell as many as people want. This way it takes the dealer gouging out of the picture....and what does a dealer bring to the table anyway....NOTHING. I'd consider paying $60k for the car said and done....when you start getting near $100k, I'd opt for a Porsche GT3. ...plus there are many more performance machines available in that price range. Just my 2 cents.
  7. I was asked to pass this on indirectly from Ford < I can't wait to hear what the HP and weight numbers are !!!
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