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  1. I rented a 2016 Hertz at McCarren airport for the 2017 Bash. I can’t find the number anywhere but it had the license plate AZ BTP2348. I hid something from the Bash in the trunk and wondered if someone bought it on here.
  2. You could try contacting the previous owner
  3. White with blue stripes 30.00 shipped
  4. Yea, you might want to consider the Alamo as a background since you will be close. Personally, I like the beach
  5. I remember that car in the museum for the 85th birthday bash and asking who Steve was. That car is what made up my mind to 40th mine
  6. Hey Steve, did a previous owner of 2007 #465 ask for the package?
  7. The extreme weather events are mostly in north Texas. Houston, San Antonio have severe thunderstorms but usually no hail. Inner Houston city has their usual low life thuggery, hands out for everything free mentality. Suburbs are ok. As Tim said , no problems in years other than once in a while bored little rich kid stuff. Also one of the best medical centers in the world is here. And close to the Gulf of Mexico for beach stuff and fishing. There are a ton of new neighborhoods being built and a ton of brand new houses. Almost all of the neighborhoods have a community pool and playground. The newest ones have pools, water parks and lazy rivers for residents and their guests only. Most have an elementary school within them too.
  8. We escaped CA long ago and have watched with great sadness it's demise. R kids were 5th generation. We lived thru Moonbeam once and cannot believe he is back :-( Anyhow, seems Austin is turning into a mini CA. It is very liberal. Dallas is gong that way too. Houston city is blue but the suburbs are pretty conservative. San Antonio and the Hill Country are pretty and a get away spot for us in Houston area. We are in Klein area of Spring, about 25 miles from downtown Houston. Decent schools here. There are a lot of school districts to look at in this area. Houston School District schools are a no. Dallas has extreme weather, spring and winter. Snow, ice, tornados, hail. Houston gets lots of rain, hail once in a while, an inch of snow and ice once every 10 years. Houston and suburbs housing is the cheapest of those mentioned. 300k will get you a lot of house here. It is humid here but very green and it is good for the skin! A pool is almost a necessity. Oh yea, car registration is cheap! 82 for my 01 Lightning and 122 for the 40th for the year.
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