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  1. Thank you both and you're very welcome! I'm in love with these! They make great customs and with a bit of persuasion, they look world class! I just hope SC does a round two of these!
  2. Hi everyone, I know it has been forever since I posted here. But, I wanted to let you all know that those "cheaper" 1/64 Shelby Collectibles cars that were hard to find in those Track Sets and Toys R Us Express stores are now easy to find a most Dollar Tree stores for $1! I stocked up on them! I have noticed, too, the quality control has gotten better! The paint is better but the ride height is poor (too high). I particularly like the '13 GT500. It is an insane car in reality and to finally have it in 1/64 was a long time coming! The other gem of the line is the '67 Shelby GT500. It is almost identical to "Eleanor" from Gone in 60 Seconds but with the stock GT500 hood and no driving lights. These changes to the casting were made to the premium line as well. I believe it was a licensing issue with the movie rights. Anyways. I do not have any good pics of the '67 right now, but I'll get some posted to this thread later this week! These cars are the same cost as Hotwheels/Matchbox mainline basics and while they lack in some areas comparably, they excel in many others! One area I do not like is the wheels. These cars do not come with metal basis, rubber wheels/tires and or opening hoods/doors. But, today, you cannot expect that for $1. I have been doing wheel swaps on the ones I found. So far, only on the '13 GT500. The drawback is the Hotwheels/Matchbox wheels will usually not fit well due to the skinnier construction of the tires that come with the cars. But, I found that the Racing Champions' Fast and Furious line Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VII has the perfect wheels and the axles fit! Pictured below are the aforementioned wheels installed on the '13 GT500. I have two more RC Evolutions coming in the mail this week and I'll be doing more swaps and pictures once they come in! I may be alone in liking these but, I'm impressed! Thanks for taking the time to read this if you chose to!
  3. I went to a different mall, further South which had a Toys R Us Express. As luck would have it. I found the singles of most of the Shelby Collectibles cars. They were $1.99 each. The ones at this store were dusty and some even had the blisters stapled together. I didn't find the two I really wanted, the maroon and GB '13 GT500s. Oh well. If anyone can trade me for the GB GT500. I would be grateful!
  4. Thanks Scott! I still haven't even seen any of them at Hobby Lobby, Marshall's, Tuesday Morning or TJ Maxx. The only things I've seen were the R/C cars at one Tuesday Morning and at one TJ Maxx. But, no Track sets.
  5. Hi Scott. I only just saw this thread at 12:45am. I wish I could get one from you. But I just recently spent a lot to get some and can't spend for a while. Good luck though!
  6. BIG News! After going to a ton of stores looking for the Shelby Collectibles Jump sets. No luck at my TJ Maxx, Hobby Lobby, or Marshall's stores. I resorted to Ebay. It is worth it! The first pictures online of the Shelby Collectibles '67 Shelby GT500 Eleanor. "Cheaper" casting. Compared to the higher detailed older casting by Shelby Collectibles. No opening hood or doors. But, great detail and accurate. (Though not accurate to the movie car, but the Classic Recreations car, note the stock Shelby hood and no PIAA purple driving lights.
  7. Decided to resort to Ebay. I have another '13 GT500 coming and I'm bidding on a Pepper Grey '67 GT500 Eleanor.
  8. Went to another Marshalls and Hobby Lobby. No luck. It is starting to get frustrating . Going to check another two Tuesday Mornings.
  9. Thanks for the information Chris. I will keep my eye out. Guess I'll have to be patient.
  10. Hobby Lobby? I went to two our stores here. But, no luck. Which part of the store are they in? Thanks for the info!
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