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  1. here's the link http://www.fordgt500.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2389
  2. I believe I did a final post of my install here, but it's been so longer, can't remember. I'll post up what you need shortly.
  3. Same one I used when they first came out. Though their pre drilled for the front center, I redrilled the splitter mounting holes and moved it more to the passenger side nearer the fog light giving more air flow area. I also cut the upper support down to about two inches above the 90 deg bend, reducing the weight and attached the plate with just the two bottom screws. Never an issue.
  4. Was one of the first to get hendrix's rad covers...#7 that is....for my 07 and it was a great fit. No issues dealing with him either. Jmo. Sorry the side scoops didn't work out for the OP, maybe it wasn't meant to be...
  5. I used the thick rubber shower liner from HD. Cut it the size of the plate and screwed on...easy peasy...
  6. Good info....wasn't aware of a design change....wonder why....and how one would know which they have....
  7. easy....depends on your skill level...certain parts can be a PITA though....but is very doable by the novice home garage dude....i used my ramps, which just made it a pain climbing under and back out...a lift is better, but not required.
  8. Someone else mentioned in another thread they used a hose from Napa, but don't recall the thread or the part number, do a search here. Just refill as you normally would, but you can add more distiller water to the intercooler vice antifreeze...option is yours. Yes, purge the HE tank and lines. I simply grap the hoses at the pump and squeeze continuously which helps remove entrapped air. If you didn't drain that far down, then it shouldn't be much of a problem. I used a small old turkey baister to remove most of the fluid from the PS tank, but some will still spill. Just drape plenty of rants under the tank. Then just run the car and let the systems recirc and remove remaining air, caps off. Ensure to have your heater on hi...if HE flow still isn't sufficient, just reach down and squeeze the hoses some more. The problem with the upper hose is it's preformed, which constricts it's movement, hence tank being pulled to one side. I think any straight hose would work to fix, just cut it long enough to flex while positioning the tank.
  9. It's a good thing MGW didn't turn over their shifter to Shelby.....
  10. It's an 02 sensor, bank 1 sensor 1 open circuit. Check your 02 sensor connections.
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