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  1. Need help can't download tune to sct get to computer then nowhere Thanks
  2. Make mine a paddle shift. New vor-tech S/C coming 3.3
  3. My car is an 08 vert the oasis result it shows car build date 08/17/2007, would it have the TSB already done.
  4. Did the same in North Canton, Ohio about 75 miles sunny day
  5. I just bought 7gts of Motorcraft XO5W50-QGT oil for 8.99 per qt it's the gold lable
  6. Hi Van, Nice to meet you at Blow By in Boca. When is 3.4 going back on? GT500 Ohio
  7. No it's no stock tune, but it sure came alive never ask about HP
  8. Justin's 93oct tune w/stock air box is the catsass for some fun over stock tune.08 red vert
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