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  1. I have read many reviews of the 205 mph ZR1 where it failed to reach 205 mph as well. Obviously, there is a huge difference in going 200 mph and going 200 mph in the standing mile. I think the car lives up to its hype and everyone knows the fast 1/4 mile times will come from New Jersey anyway..... (Sorry for the slip up. Sometimes I forget this is the internet and all statements are fact checked for accuracy within 99.9999999%)
  2. The Camaro site has the msrp of the 2013 GT500 before this site???? http://www.ford.com/?searchid=35041264|1184031124
  3. There is an "updated" clutch assembly for a 2011 already??? If there is nothing wrong with the car as they state, why did they replace the clutch in the first place??? LOL at the offer of an extended warranty when they won't admit there is anything wrong in the first place.....
  4. That is the stock rear tire size of a Z06 or a Grand Sport. They come with 12" x 19" rear wheels.
  5. If you have not already done so, i would try swapping the front tires from side to side to see if the problem still persists on the same side. You could also check to make sure the rim is seated flat against the rotor when you swap them.
  6. Not only are they buying it back but they are going to let him swap out parts as well? Sounds a bit fishy to me. Also seems like he has been waiting quite some time for the check. At least you continue to make him fabricate stories. Does anyone else here think it will be a cold day before this is ever really resolved???
  7. I guess you have not gotten your parts yet? On a side note I find it very hard to believe they lemon lawed a car that had a KB run on it. Just goes to show that people who legitimately deserve to have their car bought back can't get it done and someone who mods the car does.
  8. Guy has some nerve sending you a nasty email. Hope he buys a new Camaro.
  9. I have seen this type of thing on other car sites. It is simply amazing how fast everything gets taken care of once it becomes public knowledge.
  10. It seems like 3M would have to cover the cost. They have already admitted the original material was bad so I don't see how they are not liable for any damage that may occur from removal. That being said, I would also order both and see how they match your remaining existing stripe.
  11. I would be very interested to see what kind of 1/4 mile times the added stick creates. Yes, it would be great to increase handling but I am wondering how well a Griggs prepared car can launch especially on street tires......
  12. Maybe you guys can answer that question for me. I have come to believe that Goodyear tires in general just suck after about 6-9 months regardless of tread. Every car I have had was unable to get traction with them including several 5.0 Mustangs, LT1 Corvette, several Lightnings. My question is, does anyone with either the Griggs suspension or coilovers have any better luck with the stock tires?
  13. If I read correctly the OP lost, as he said he was at the back bumper of the teminator? There is much hate for GT500's among the Cobra crowd. Many are sure Cobra's are faster stock and of course modded as well. Seems like a highly modded Cobra would have no trouble with a stock GT500 but as the above example shows, that is not the case. I asked a Cobra lover to show me runs in the low 11's from upper pulley only Cobras as I have seen from GT500's and he never was able to produce them. Many owners use a combo of upper/lower pulleys which is still fairly rare in GT500's as many feel that is overspinning the stock blower.
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