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  1. If you do decide to go with a GT500, I suggest lowering it. GT500's, just my opinion and a subjective thing, look like they are on stilts next to a Shelby GT. Lowering a GT500 will not only improve the appearance but also the handling. Of course doing so means extra expense including alignment.
  2. Well hello ya'll …. and Happy New Year! I haven't been around in awhile but thought I'd check in this morning for the new year. The C8 isn't bad from the side - looks like a Ferrari. But that front end looks like an ugly Chevy. I guess they had to do that.
  3. Look closer ... hint ... hood pins ...
  4. Ahhh ... so this thread is THE place to be I see .....
  5. Speaking of Nashville on-topic I attended a nice car show last weekend. Met a bunch of nice folks, including our TS MS Region director Danny Barnes. Here’s a link to my pics.... Edit ... the event was Kars4Kids - see kars4kidsnashville.com https://imgur.com/a/1s5WWSI
  6. Yes, no problem...man cave is in Nashville so it’s all good!! As for diecasts yes, I love ‘em...but it’s bring one more home the wife will kill me.....so my plan is to sell some and replace with others at some point here...and I’ll check out shelby collectibles!
  7. Ohhh he’s one of THOSE guys hmmmmm......
  8. Hey Mongoose, thanks for letting me know about this. Looks like a less than 2 hour SGT cruise for me so I'll plan to do it at some point! Is the largest garage a.k.a. the longest yard sale? That looks interesting .... Bob
  9. I don't think that will be a problem! I doubt I'll ever have it over 15 mph
  10. LOL, no mods, but I'm told they'll do about 56 mph flat out. 44 HP 567 CC.
  11. Got a toy yesterday to help with work around the ranch! https://imgur.com/HjyyeCE (p.s. - I wish TS would fix this difficulty in posting images)
  12. I posted to "Support" ... we'll see if that is answered ...
  13. I've got some plans for the SGT Man-Cave ... but its gonna take some money, time and some hard work (what else is new ) ......
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