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  1. I saw that one... looked nice in the pics. It has a small rash on the CF front spoiler and the drivers door interior leather has a small issue with it pulling away some. I'm tempted to go look at that one in person as I don't have anyone in that area to do an inspection
  2. Looking to pickup a low mile KR....under 5k miles. Prices seem to be in lower 40s to lower 50s and the 08s seem to carry the premium price. Does this seem to be a bout the about the correct price window ? Anything to look out for when looking a car over? Thanks MM
  3. I'll add to mine as I should have included this in my earlier post. When Frankie departed, ChrisR took over assisting me with my follow up sale's needs for my CSX car. He was quick to respond to email and phone calls and always ensured I got the info or assistance I needed. Great guy!!!!!
  4. I was Frankie's last sale and was there the day before he left for a new job. What a hell of a guy and a real loss for SAI. From my understanding there are gonna be a lot of changes in the future regarding the company's direction and future.
  5. You can watch it on Apple TV with the Sotheby's app which is free to download. They will stream the auction
  6. I currently have a deposit on a car......man I hope all is well at SAI. The little man, being me : ), always gets screwed in bankruptcy proceedings!!!!! Aside from that, I'd hate to see SAI close shop!
  7. Got my done....the pull in 2nd, 3rd, and 4th, is brutal... Still launches and hooks up well if the tires and road are at the right temp. I love it plus the gear is better on the clutch. I used FRPP 3.73s... It will make your speedo off... Ford can't correct it... Only an aftermarket tuner can.
  8. Ok.... Drumstang is no doubt a douche... But that was kinda funny!!
  9. Polishing or Painting the SVT and 5.8 On The 2013 TVS Anyone tried this? I was thinking of possibly painting the letters and numbers on the SC to match the cars paint......makeitstand out. Thought i would tape them off and use a brush or sponge brush as the are textured. Guessing engine paint to handle the heat. As for polishing....i haveno idea.
  10. Dude.....tbere is a badass GT500 Supersnake and 2 smoking hot girls and you saw a guy in shorts.....you are possibly Ghey!!!! Lol
  11. Im my dealers First and only allocation. They are a small rural dealer. I ordered on 5/12 and as if yet, im still unscheduled as well....so you aint alone Farboy.
  12. Fastest I ever heard of...and how did you get a VIN today? They dont update the computer till tonight. I wonder if the dealer actually changed a stock order they already had processing to meet your options.
  13. Hell.....is that damn thing even really broken in???
  14. Well darn!!!! There goes my junior G-Man badge!!! Loved my 11 but some damn nice improvements on the 13. I also think the numbers being posted will get better under better conditions. Guess we shall see.
  15. Let me guess.....speedy owns an 11 or 12 GT500!!!! There is a lot of car there for the overall 5k increase. Sounds like possible buyers remorse to me.
  16. Looking at my DORA print out.....it has Order rcpt date 5/12/12 DORA processed. 5/14/12 Schd is blank ( / / ) Priority. 11 Order Type. 1 Vin # 6 letter/# combination with a space then a letter....example (xxx#xx x) . Not sure if safe to post that. So.....is this thing in the system and accepted ? Should there be other numbers or codes i should look for? Just making sure its moving forward as it should.
  17. I always kept hoping this color scheme would come available.....to me, nothibg says Shelby like this color scheme. Those Shelby Daytonas running this color scheme always looked amazing.
  18. Hell....I would put it on anyway. Bet no one would notice the difference.
  19. With all the techical data they have been given by Ford/SVT, they arent pulling that MSRP number from thin air!
  20. I'm neither....but my info came from a well placed SVT employee....and Im not talking about a rep either. Believe me, I hope he is wrong!!! As stated before for....your mileage may very
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