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  1. Hello Ghosts! Lol.... Hope you are all well. Happy New Year.
  2. Howdy everyone. Dale is 75% and went back to work. Against my objections.......I want to make sure she doesnt just end up back in bed........ What has the world come to.......I spent my time trying to keep her OUT OF BED these days....... Thanks so much for the well wishes. Stay tuned for an update in the next few days.
  3. Good Afternoon NTT. I hope everyone is doing well. I have a few irons in the fire.....could be big for me.....please keep Dale and I in your thoughts these next few days... thank you.....:salute:
  4. Good morning NTT Been down with the flu since I got back from Scottsdale. Well, both Dale and I......to be exact.... I hope everyone is well.....
  5. 45 here, 60 tomorrow, expecting 2 inches of rain, hopefully enough to wash the streets clean of salt......
  6. thats the guy that comes over when Dougie goes to work..........
  7. good morning NTT. I know the site is having issues, please be patient, the new website is being called State of the Art....and expected this Spring. keeping this one alive in the meantime is presenting many challenges.
  8. good morning. Dale and I thank you all for the well wishes. She is feeling much better today. supposed to warm up here too........39 today....first day over freezing since before Christmas..... rain friday saturday......hoping the streets get washed clean of everything........
  9. good morning NTT Been busy taking care of Dale........she is really sick... congrats to the grandkids Jim. I read through all the comments & piccs from the last few days and honestly, you guys are the best. The pic of Keith from Tek........classic NTT.......never gets old.......:grouphug:
  10. My understanding is this is not the new website. This is a necessary upgrade to the old website. The new website is under construction and is scheduled to be launched in the April 2018 timeframe. Everything I am hearing about the new website is that it is state of the art. Just wanted to make sure you guys didnt think this latest change was the final product.
  11. Hi Guys Hope everyone is safe in the storm. we got about 8 on the ground and still coming down pretty hard
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