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  1. I am in Northern New Jersey and I have only seen one white SGT at a car show at the Whiskey Grill/Saturday nights. No blacks ones and nothing on the road. No GT500 or SGT's. I see Ferrari's, CL65's, Continental GT's, etc. on a daily basis, but so far no Shelbys......
  2. dream, MM, Stump, plumber, ross......thanks. SHELBYDREAM, I have been sitting here thinking I shouldnt even try to put this into words but, here goes, I dont know how you got interested in this car, but the fact is that you are here. And that makes me think I know the following: one day soon and everyday forward from that point on you will own the most beautiful Shelby GT ever..... the look of her sitting in driveway....waiting for you after dinner...outside a restaurant.......in your garage her exhuast purring as you like or roaring if you desire....... your face is going to hurt from smiling so much.... and driving used to be this much fun for me and now it is again, anyday I want. hang in there.......There truly is a pot of gold at the end of this rainbow. I know, I know,,,"shut-up...you have your car".
  3. Thanks Steve. I find myself just opening the door to the garage & looking at her (Sophia) and just smiling.
  4. Hey Adam, Since you already have a desk....why dont you just stay. Show up every day, be productive, you never know, if you are real helpful, maybe people wont be asking "who's that?" You could be HR Director of the Forum Members! You could hire Matt as web design director! You could hire me as test driver on developmental projects! You could hire M. Morris as Master Instructor to Shelby/Ford Dealer Network! You could hire Stump as Master Tinkerer! Just a few ideas...I dont want to flood you.....afterall, you were there ONLY one day and you already have a desk. MWS
  5. Thank God you both are ok. Sometimes we worry about whats going to happen while we are zipping around, and then, you almost get blasted sitting at a light!
  6. Hello my old friend. How is the tire business? 900? I would say that Shelby DEFINATELY needs to go to Panama City. My brother was there last weekend for a big Gator reunion, 6 hour drive from Orlando.(...in his Escape....ouch!) Cause you know whats gonna happen.....you will be there saying....I wish I had my Shelby. Go for it!!
  7. Thanks Webba. and Thanks Matt. (I think?)
  8. Well let me start by saying that I would like to apologize to anyone I may have offended on this forum with any of my previous posts. I know there are some of you out there. Even though at the time I felt like many of you knew and understood exactly where I was coming from.(and agreed) My PSDS was getting the best of me and NOW I AM CURED. I have to say to all those still waiting....that even though your PSDS may continue to climb to record new highs each week and you begin to feel that no prize at the end would be worth all you are enduring.... STOP. FORGET THAT. WALK IT OFF. THE CAR IS UNBELIEVABLE. IT WILL BLOW YOUR MIND. THE PSDS JUSTS DROPS OFF YOU WHEN YOU GET THE CAR like your clothes on a 100 degree day when you arrive at the beach. HANG IN THERE. ITS ALL WORTH IT. This is coming from someone who waited 7 months. Had the car he ordered develop engine problems while at SAI. Have his car get misplaced at a local Ford dealer in Vegas(too). Finally get reassured all was fixed only to have the car sit in Vegas inexplicabilly for 2 more months. Paid for mods. Then only to have his greedy dealer decide he wanted 50k for the car once all this seemed finally resolved. Walked away from that car & original delaer. Didnt lose hope. Found a new deal for 1k under MSRP. Wait more still....... THEN BINGO. PICKED UP THE CAR 38 DAYS AGO. 1600 MILES LATER.......IT WAS ALL WORTH IT. Hang in there, be A SHELBY OWNER, Its an exclusive club for no other reason than the way you will feel once this car is in YOUR garage. Yes, it is that special.
  9. YES....ITS TRUE....... After all this, I go to my original dealer on 5/25 to buy the car (that still hasnt arrived) (see signature)and he wants 50k for the SGT I ordered on 12/1!!! That greedy predictable $%#^***......well you know....... so I walk out of there last Friday telling him to refund my deposit (you should have seen his face).... wondering silently...."what do I do now?" I had seen a post from Jason that afternoon abt a black 5speed for 1k under sticker, I emailed Jason that night when I got home, Jason called the next morning, the car was arriving that afternoon AND BY 11AM I HAD A DEPOSIT ON #2502. JASON TO THE RESCUE! And I saw the legendary #22 in the showroom next ot my baby when I went to sign the papers. .....pics to prove it wil b posted 2gether when I take delivery ........oh Jason.........this evening! Thats it, CSM 2502 IS ALL MINE. It is optioned exactly the way my order was except it has the shaker 1000, I'll live. lol All in all, Jason was great. No hassle, no bull, everything straight forward.......frankly after all I have been through.....a dream come true......thanks Jason for everything and cant wait to see you later to get my keys. and yes, it was indeed 1k under MSRP! Sorry mm, I couldnt wait 2 more months.
  10. I was wondering if anyone has actually seen an SGT or GT500 on the road. I live in Northern New Jersey and travel to NYC AND/OR Westchester County several times a week... and I HAVE NOT seen one SGT or GT500 on the road yet. Anybody out there seen these babies on the road yet?
  11. For all you guys and gals out there who already have your car......you read this forum everyday..... ....my exhaust rattles, what oil do I use, ebay prices....yadda yadda yadda.. for all of us waiting (patiently) for our cars to arrive... tell us a story....tell us something good....."I was at a red light and some clown in a camaro started revving his motor and then......" "I drove past my old sweetheart who dumped me for some bald guy and that look on her face when she saw the SGT AND THEN........." "Some little ol lady saw me parking the car, stopped me and reminisced about meeting Carroll Shelby after the 1958 Sebring and then..........." Please help me out here.......... :huh:
  12. Somebody needs to fire Helen Keller and get someone else involved in updating the Vin Tracker. Or just take it down.....its a waste of time. I love you guys,....but checking this thing is an utter WASTE OF TIME, PRESENTLY!
  13. OK, I want to make sure I have all the key documentation for my shelby. I ordered it at the dealer and am having it made just the way I want....even a little EXTRA mod at SAI.......it's a dream come true. I read somewhere on a previous post about the HVBoM, Historical Vehicle Bill of Material. I got the one for my car from the Parts Dept of my dealership just by providing the VIN number. No serial numbers on the parts used, just the complete build option and delete list from Flat Rock. (The Salesman gave me a big speech about being in the business 30 years and how he never heard of it....thank God, he isnt an air traffic controller I say!). I got it from the Parts Dept at his dealership the next day but havent had the heart to tell him. Anyway, what other documentation should I make sure I am getting in the process? I hear about things like build sheets and so forth ...but I dont know what that is really? Is it what I already have? Other than making sure my window sticker duznt accidently get thrown in the trash before I pick up the car, what should I ask for? Help me out here guys....and gals!
  14. I see alot of people talking about the driving lights for their SGT's? Can anyone tell me exactly where they are added in? I know the stock driving lights are cut out of the "old" grill, do the new ones get installed over the new grill? I was considering the option, but was looking for more info first.
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