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  1. Morning NTT Headed in the City now..........our early morning run for some shopping before the beast awakens and scouting out parking rules for some upcoming events......
  2. good morning got another 3 inches last night.......... (its like sleeping with a short fat guy, lol) for all you perves that were going to comment about my repeat "3 inches".......
  3. Snail mail is fine Keith......dont worry about the email thing if you dont already have it set up. And thank you.
  4. Good Morning NTT. Hey Keith, you can use paypal with my address or mail a check to my house, whichever is more convenient. And thank you and Pitch so very much. you done good. thank you BB.
  5. Howdy Rowdies.... I hope everyone is having a great day..... Dale and I are headed to Toys R Us tonight to buy the toys. We stacked the mattress in the guest bedroom against the wall to make room...... and THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH FOR HELPING MAKE THIS IDEA INTO A REALITY.
  6. Yessiree....... not sure where we left off...75 toys to buy.......and we are getting a $25.00 Visa gift card for each nurse in the ward as well. Local Mustang club meeting to tonight where I hope to obtain more donations and assemble a group to help with the delivery. we are at 75% of goal........ if I dont get enough to cover everything, Dale will have to start hooking......... but its for the kids I tell her.......
  7. good morning NTT continued prayers for everyone in Cali. Hi 08! I hope things pick up for you Daniel.
  8. Keith, you crazy man.....855 ft??? then again, I remember those pics of you on that jagunda tower.......my fearless friend.......
  9. howdy everyone. great day in the city yesterday. successful meeting great dinner new place
  10. Headed to NYC today.........going to the Met, CP, have a Shelby meeting over drinks, dinner at Patsy's and then THE Tree. Have a great day everyone.
  11. Good Morning NTT. Got it, thank you for supporting this Jim, very much appreciated.
  12. Howdy NTTers thank you so much BB Me too, thanks Jim.
  13. good morning NTT sorry you had car issues and didnt feel well, that stinks at an event, glad you still had a good time. prayers for everyone in Cali effected by the wildfires
  14. I am spear heading a drive to get every child being treated for pediatric cancer or awaiting an organ transplant at Hackensack Medical Center here in NJ a Christmas gift this year. I have contacted hospital administrators and I am working with them to make this happen. We originally wanted to buy Teddy Bears but were told that all stuffed animals are banned because of the infection prevention protocol. The hospital will provide a list of acceptable items and the number of children being treated. I will purchase the toys and deliver them to the children at the hospital. We are targeting the weekend of December 23rd and 24th to make the delivery. If you would like to help make this happen, please email me at "mbsings4u at msn dot com" for more details. And thank you for taking a minute to read this. Michael
  15. Congratulations Patrick. Congratulations Team Shelby!
  16. maybe not, but the most well known and and an easy decision to sue. the press from this suit is worth 100 suits.........
  17. tesgt350.......please pm me your email address so I can send you details on the Christmas gifts for Kids with Cancer Initiative. or email me at mbsings4u at msn dot com. Anyone else interested in helping, please send me your email address so I can forward the details, thanks.
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