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  1. ok, so after 10 years, its time to upgrade my clutch..... the original one still works fine mind you, never slipped........but I'm in there do other things so I might as well..... any suggestions?
  2. good morning ntt 32 this morning, feels like 24..............Fall was a nice 2 weeks.
  3. Late checking in today. I hope everyone is doing fine....
  4. Good Day NTT I'm here today, events of the last year taught me that is all there is........tomorrow is for lottery winners......do you have your ticket?
  5. Good Morning NTT. A little frost on the pumpkin this morning.
  6. My point exactly.......every time tenants move out, you have to make everything perfect again and not collect rent in the meantime. Sucks.
  7. Some cool news, on behalf of Team Shelby, I am in negotiations with the National Parks to use they locations for cruise destinations and show & shine get togethers. in exchange we will be helping the Parks raise money for their needs. The Western Parks will most likely be set up first then I will work my way over to the Eastern Parks. Stay tuned for updates as this endeavor progresses.
  8. Current tenants signed a 2 year lease renewal this weekend! YAY! We had one and done turnover the last 3 years and it @#$%^&*!
  9. Good Morning NTT 5K is a steal for the amenities you listed David. Would cost you 10 times that here. Disclaimer/Edit: The only time I ever had a golf club in my hand, I was chasing someone! God Bless our Veterans, Especially those WWII Vets, they are indeed the Greatest Generation.
  10. Truth be told. I was pretty choked up when I called you, since we discussed at dinner you being in that exact area. LOL.
  11. Thats the great thing about feelings.....they are personal......anyone else's perspective is nonconsequential......... in the 70s, when I was in elementary school, the threat of hijacked planes seemed distant......basically because it was..... now, no one is safe, anywhere, at any time......a little different in my opinion.........again, which has no bearing on how you feel, I understand.......
  12. good morning NTT.... a somber day for sure....as we wait for answers we will likely never get....... I immediately contacted Dan to make sure he and Marji were ok. They told us of their plans to visit the area at dinner the night before. Thankfully they were both no where near that spot at 3pm. I said when the towers were hit that I would gladly give my life in order to give my children a pre 9/11 world to live in...... those words seem more true now than ever.......
  13. Howdy Rowdies.... Dan, Marji, Ron & Helaina joined us for dinner last night at our house. It was great to see them on their short visit to NYC. Happy Halloween everyone! This WS has been great. Ive watched all the games. As much as I love having my team in the big dance, Ive enjoyed each game for the tension free thrill, much easier to do with no dog in the fight.
  14. I just saw on facebook that they are in New Jersey today with Helaina......yet we are meeting them for dinner tonight in NYC????? I must have missed something. LOL.
  15. I feel a disturbance in the Force...........out of town NTTers in my quadrant...........hmmm..............
  16. good morning NTT. safe travels BB. STILL REALLY WINDY..... reach out when you are planning on returning!
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