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  1. Thanks yall!! Havent been around in awhile. Dont know how long Ill hang this time, but its good to see yall still think about me sometimes!!! MM
  2. Right Idea. Car left with the stripe on and by the time it got to PC it was gone? Wonder how that stripe just feel off MM
  3. Im agreeing with you! I dont know what happened. I know the car came in without a stripe. I dont see its nearly the problem that everyone in this thread has made it. Its a SIMPLE sticker that got forgot, peeled off, scratched and removed, and or stolen. WHO KNOWS?? Not me I have sold a ton of Mustangs in the last 4 years and the quality has been top notch. MM
  4. Im the SHADY dealer with the GT500. It might have been damaged during shipping. Train or truck might have scratched it and just pulled it off! Could have happened easily. But it did show up at the lot with the stripe off. Have the stripe in the trunk now MM
  5. Stripe came in this morning!! Thats FAST!! Still going to let whomever buys the car decided if they want the stickers on. I think I would but thats just me MM
  6. This is our car. The car is PERFECT except for the stripe. There was a note inside the car that said to send the car back to the factory because the heat extractor didnt fit right. So it must have been QCd. If EVERY GT500 has side stripes then I would agree with yall on the QC. But ALOT of black cars with SVT are stripe delete cars. This guy is looking at HUNDREDS of cars a day. Ten minutes earlier he was looking at a stripe delete car, next is a car with stripes, next is this car. Stripe on one side CHECK. Stripe deleted CHECK. He found a big problem and got it fixed. I posted this car on TS on Saturday and ALOT of folks didnt see it. Factory has already sent the stripe. Will be here tomorrow. MM
  7. Its my car thats on ebay. The seats are AWESOME!!! Yea the stripe was missed, but the stripe has already been sent to fix it. Because most of the cars that leave Flat rock are GREAT Quality its odd that one slipped by. So in my thinking its a pretty rare car. Does it make it worth more? I dont think so, but it gives it a cool history!! MM
  8. I know as well as anyone that this is a PRIVATELY owed forum and we cant say whatever we want, but its sad that you have to add the last line to keep anyone from throwing you on those same tracks!!! MM
  9. I talked to Enis last week about all of this.I cant speak for him, but I dont come on here much any more. Enis is and was good for Team Shelby. I think we both got ran over by the same train. Just my opinion but TS at the same with us gone!!! MM
  10. Congrats Dan. Shes a Awesome looking ride. Missed seeing you and Marji this year! Give me a call sometime MM
  11. Yes, If you ordered a GT500 from a dealer with allocation you could get it by the time the Lease ends. I have a Black SVT with Recaros that should be here first of Feb. Shows end of Jan., but I know how they like to hold the first cars built MM
  12. I got a couple of pictures of a car we had ordered sitting in line waiting to be stripped. When I sold the car I emailed him the pictures. MM
  13. Hey Mike. If you remember me it's Scott. I have talked to you several times about Mustangs. My last talk with you was with a friend of yours who had 2 gt500's, 1 Orange and 1 Blue which is the one I wanted,,,remember? The mom was paying for the cars and he had to get rid of them? I have called you several times. Anyway, now I own a Vista KR and was wondering if that guy ever sold both o...

  14. I was correct. Its number 49 of 100. MM
  15. I have one in the box. I ordered FOUR and have this one left. The number is in the 40s. I think 49? I can check and make sure. It was taken out of the box and case ONE time to take pictures of it. Hasnt been out since. Please email me at cobra46L@windstream.net I will send you pictures if you need me too MM
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