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  1. I posted a response this morning to this but it isn't here weird. Anyway I was home cleaning my Shelby GT yesterday afternoon and the UPS shows up and has a box for me with the owners kit inside. What a nice package from Ford this thing is! Now just waiting for my oil filter wrench!
  2. Johnny1 can you elaborate on the crankshaft and chassis plaque? First I have heard of it. I got my car 2 weeks ago roughly and heard nothing of this thing. The sales guy is a friend of mine so I know he is not trying to screw me. He called me last week because he got some Shelby mugs and books from Ford and put a set aside for me. Picking them up today. I want to bring up the things you mentioned so any more details would be greatly appreciated!!
  3. 10 years for me as well and still original stripes with just over 29K miles. I am putting her up for sale in the next week. Picked up a 2017 Shelby GT350 last Tuesday and do not have the extra room for both so sadly I am going to let my SGT go.
  4. Mr. Shelby thanks for the fantastic cars and the lifetime of great memories. Your journey has but just begin on the next leg of its race. RIP Carrol!!
  5. What are the specifics of the kind of shot you are looking for? Let me know and I will do my best. IM actually looking forward to this as well. My uncles car had been in his garage and not on the road since 1970 until he did the resto the past 3 years and got it out in the last month.
  6. :beerchug: Oh trust me I did. I am not one to keep my mouth shut. LOL I am now being taken care of and parts have been ordered. Lets just say an employee of the dealer I was working with didnt do his job. Its probably why he isnt there anymore, which had noting to do with this incident I am told. I hope to be taking the car down next week finally to get the scoop and stripes done :beerchug:
  7. I wont go into detail at the present time but I can tell you from experience that its most likely as Wicked says and you are getting the run around. I would call the onwer of the dealership and have a conversation. And I dont know when your warranty is up but Id make sure you do it before then. After then its a major PITA getting them to make it happen. Once my situation is resolved Ill go into more detail. Good luck. And long time no see Michael! :beerchug:
  8. The show didnt happen last night due to rain. So hopefully next week.
  9. I dont have one at the monent but I will within the next week. My uncle has a 66 GT350 he just finished restoring. He had it out for a car show Monday night but my car was filthy so I didnt take it. I plan on doing so this coming Monday and will post them up after. HIs is white with blue stripes and mine is the white with silver.
  10. Dumb question. I dont feel like wading through 25 pages to find the answer. Is the phone # my dealer should call about my hood scoop fix 1-800-367-3788? I see the number posted under "warranty info". Im taking hewr in next week for oil and tire rotation and I want to finally have my dealer get going on this. I didnt bother last summer and figured Id wait until the bugs got worked out. Hi to everyone I havent talked to in ages as well! :beerchug:
  11. Are you still milking this registry thing Roger??!....... :beerchug:
  12. Happy bday my freind! Hows it feel to hit the big 40??! I hope you had a great day and enjoyed the time with family!
  13. Well if USC was penalized for Reggie Bush and others NCAA violations we wouldnt even be asking this question would we??! Woulda, coulda, shoulda.
  14. My Chinese is kind of rusty so I cant spell the name out properly.........
  15. If you are talking about the driving lights that we have been waiting for for about 2 years we would all love to know what took so long. I think Edison invented the light bulb faster than it took for these things to come out.
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