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  1. From Tasca or anyone you just don,t know how old the stripes are .
  2. can anyone tell me the difference between the car covers on a 07-09 SHELBY 500 and the 13-14 SHELBY 500 thanks in advance
  3. thanks sheppd01 my health is never going to get better that's why i am not all ways on line the meds aren't allways that nice to me . i do enjoy this shelby web site and the people on it the kr will happen soon i hope thanks to every one that's kept this thread going.
  4. WOW what the hell is going on in the KR world ! why are owners bailing out ?
  5. what do you think the auction fees would have been at the mecum sale anyone ?
  6. 2008 is the only year kr that i will buy do not like the 09 badges on the car.
  7. yea ford dealer and dmv and paper work spells carfax with odometer issues lookout .
  8. sounds like a very nice kr i hope i will find one like that good luck.
  9. found a 09 kr in carlisle black on black 900 miles looked good asking $48.900.00 obo that meant 900.00 off the price but they took the factory stereo out did things to the car not my taste past on it for now .
  10. Hi to all, Still casually looking for that KR, I've been on this web site since I started looking at purchasing a new 07 Shelby gt #0059 (white with deluxe cloth interior 1 of 9 made) I have also owned lightnings, a 1996 saleen cobra, and many fox body mustangs coupes. I've owned over 30+ cars and I like the rare stuff. I was looking at KR's back in 08 when Bob Davidson Ford in Parkville MD was trying to get $100k, but they quickly realized only one customer stepped up to pay that number and going into 09 they were priced at $67.500.00 and sold. I'm flexible on my $40K but I will not buy someones car that they modded or broke no matter the price. In my opinion, I think the the blue KR's are the best looking cars and that's what I truly want. I wish they would have made a white KR, that would have been awesome. The people who say they will never sell for $40k be careful you never know what life will bring thanks to everyone. Shit happens. Hopefully I'll find that right KR for the right price.
  11. this thread has gained a lot of steam, all good reading . im a very patient man i will find the right kr
  12. thanks again everyone. will be looking in to these leads this week .
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