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  1. Thanks , This will be bad to the bone 😎
  2. I had Brenspeed install injectors and fuel rails , they pulled the 2.8 KB off .
  3. Did this change the clutch engagement feel any , I have been thinking about adding this
  4. I went to my dealer and showed them my recall notice 16S26 and they put my name on a list , so when they get one or two they will call me , said it should not be long. Passenger side coming ,, drivers side done already
  5. Got a letter today stating a repair is available for your vehicle, guess I'll be going to get er done soon .
  6. Guess i better look at my lines , just replaced the leaky c&r radiator and don't want more trouble , thanks for the info.
  7. I have received mine and got a new number also , I would like to keep my original number also, kinda proud of a low number !! I called and left messages , but no response yet
  8. Same thing when I called trying to keep my original membership number
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