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  1. You have to be a little crazy to work in that trade
  2. Every day is like Saturday Rob, 30 years in Ironworkers Union for me
  3. Me too can't find any now that I like
  4. I just changed from Royal Purple to Amsoil Synchromesh and the shifting is much better
  5. I had mine done in 1999 and still loving it No glasses no problems
  6. Alloy Wheel Repair Specialist perhaps could repair it
  7. I was two weeks late ordering
  8. I had 9in Alcoas widened by Eric to 11 3/4 and running 335/30 slight rub inside fender well when I tracked the car last year so going to install watts link soon to keep everything centered
  9. I've been a member since May 19 2007 , member # 231. SS# 236 My baby will be 10 years old next year , The 10th Bash would be fun
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