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  1. I got mine today too .. I think I'll get laminated copies poop proofed also, only a couple of car shows left
  2. I'm getting Super Snaked and they may replace my caps with Super Snake logo caps, then I'll go from there.
  3. I just got an email too, 4.6 billet cap,,hope it won't be a leaker.
  4. That would be a good time, to meet some of the best people and see some other 500's I've only seen two Around my area, looking forward to it! I'm aout 100 miles North.
  5. I'm not sure when, but will probably be in Oct. some time when it's cooler, only mods when last there was CAI and tune. I would like to see you run ,,you've got a lot of mods going on. I'll let you know when I can.
  6. B Shelby........2.069 12.831@114.47 C/F Muncie Dragway 5/8/2007.
  7. I am waiting, for the Super Super Super , Snaaaaakkkkeee ......... Details Please;;;;;;;; Soon I Hopeeee,, hope, hope, soon, :happy feet: :happy feet:
  8. I have the steeda comp springs, ride and handles very good,
  9. Sleeping early, west coast guy '''''''''' I guess 11051, went to a parade yesterday, 22 Brenspeed Mustangs, Only one GT 500 ,,,,, Mine , hope they don't make a 1,000,000.
  10. I haven't won anything since I was 9 yrs. old. my turn? Ha Ha ....
  11. way to burn .... Great vid!!! mine looks like that, white is fast!!!
  12. :unsure: I read back in march they would do 7500, perhaps that is where they at for numbers. I Haven't seen but two here where I live... northern in
  13. add one more to indiana white coupe blue stripes b shelby
  14. Thanks friends, I don't mind to many of them rules I'm retired and now feel like I'm 18 when i picked up my new ride!!!
  15. I'm new to this great board. I'll have to figger out all this computer stuff. I have a HP White/blue GT 500... What a car!!!!!!!!!!!!! First new one since my 1969 mach 1 ...
  16. :banana piano: I used windex with a toothbrush worked pretty good,
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