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  1. found this one at my local dealer
  2. Happy Anniversary Jer and Mrs Jer, May you and your's have many more fast laps ahead of you ! ( my anniversary is tomorrow)
  3. Happy Birthday Mr. Shelby. Thank you
  4. Got mine yesterdiddy, it is very nice indeed. One thing I would like though Jer, is to keep my original member # 231 like it always has been . Thank you
  5. Posted mine ( just for fun ) don't do much facebook either
  6. I have recently had great service with SPP too.
  7. Video on youTube bigredfarm's channel , how to do a grill install
  8. Apples to Apples """""";;;;;;; I bought a SHELBY. Don't want a roush, who wins ................. ME
  9. I think your # might be a 10. Just guessing,
  10. Beautiful pic's , when you passing thru Indiana?
  11. Jer how bout a SS brake cover for my 2007 Super Snake, car built in March 2007, Snaked in 2009. Will look so much better with a SS cover than old plastic
  12. I had the RP experience at Vegas when I dropped my car to get Snaked, Enjoyed it so much in the morning had to go back in the afternoon for more laps. Didn't drive my car there as it was already checked in SAI but you should drive yours.. Enjoy
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