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  1. The Ford Racing supercharger and tune was installed to get the 605 hp at the flywheel. I had mine done, when I got it back home, the dyno gave it at 555 HP peak and 515 ft/lbs of torque at the rear wheels corrected for temp and altitude. So you can ball park that to the engine producing over 700 BHP Doug 07XL0218
  2. It appears the car did not sell, it is not on the Scottsdale results list. Does anyone know what the bidding got to??
  3. Russo and Steele will be selling Carroll's 40th prototype car at Scottsdale in January. https://russoandsteele.com/vehicle-details/?show_vehicle=174806&tsauction_id=204&page=featured Let's see how it sells?? Doug
  4. Vogan,,,, Just put my 40th to bed for the Winter and I was wondering if you still have your's??


    DougD 07XL0218

    Red Deer

  5. Did the upgrade 10 years ago and love the performance of the brakes.
  6. Great work Steve, nice to have this list updated and improved. One question, is the brake section referring to those of us who ordered the 6 piston extreme braking package? Thanks Doug 07XL0218
  7. Michelin Pilot Sport or Pirelli P-Zero.... If you widen your rear rims to 11", you can fit 305/30 20 tires without any problems. Weldcraft in Detroit can wdien the wheels for you. Good Luck Doug
  8. Very interesting pictures, they tell the complete story. The blower is the Ford Racing Whipple, therefore 605 HP. Also the car had a brake upgrade, 6 piston front and 4 piston rear which was about a $5000 option. So the car had the $12,650 40th package, a $6600 Ford Racing blower and then the brakes at approx $5000. The original owner went all out on the conversion. Doug 07XL0218 Vista Blue Coupe 40th Anniversary, with SS upgrades; 605 HP and Shelby extreme brakes F&R
  9. Weldcraft has done a bunch of razors in the last 3 or 4 years. I had mine done to 11", 3 years ago. Make sure you get them to machine the weld bead after, makes for a nicer finish. Doug 07XL0218
  10. There were 2 of us in Red Deer, but I think the other guy sold his, have not seen it for a year now. Mine is vista blue, SS'd to 605 HP with the extreme brake package. A couple of years ago there was a total of 4 vista blue 40ths all with SS options in Alberta that I knew of, the other 3 being in Calgary. There were a lot of 2007/08 Shelby 40th and SS modified cars here in Alberta, still are. Doug 07XL0218
  11. Most of the SS options were available, exceptions would be wheels and hood for sure. Like many others, I have HP and brakes added to the package. Doug 07XL0218
  12. I have my 40th, Super Snaked and insured with the rest of my vehicles via Dominion. I do have to maintain the 19a appraisal for the Shelby to keep it at a fair market value, in case of claims. I have 2 levels of coverage, sitting in the garage for 6 months with fire and theft, then full road insurance when I call for it in the Spring and decide to start driving the car. Doug 07XL0218
  13. http://www.tfxinternational.com/ They are out of the T.O. area These guys are pros, first rate trailers and tractors. They shipped my car to Shelby and back for the modifications. Doug 07XL0218
  14. This is supercharger info from the Eaton site, so if you have the 605 HP build, you should read this. The TVS R2300 is on the list under Corvette LS9. This also has the stock GT500 supercharger listed. http://www.eaton.com...perchargers/FAQ Doug 07XL0218
  15. Thanks for the links, I have been doing all the seasoning and bedding as per Baer recommendations but they are still rubbing a bit. The box that the brakes came in actually had the procedure in it, so I have been following the procedure using the same instructions you see on the Baer site. I have also tried driving a bit with the E brake thinking that it could also be causing the rub. Doug
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