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  1. Just hit 166,000 miles! Accessory and supercharger belts still in the trunk. Probably should just put them on as the originals are probably getting close to failing!
  2. Hi Everyone, Been a long time since posting because of a new job. My question is about the SVT# sequence? Does the sequence reset every year or does it go on until a major revision? My 2007 SVT#12 just hit 165,000 miles! Mark / MSB Mustang
  3. Been living with the Squeak for another year. Guess it is time to pull the steering off.
  4. Just hit 160000 miles on my 2007 GT500 SVT #12!!!!! MSBMustang / Mark
  5. I have developed a squeak that is coming from what sounds like the center of the steering wheel column when coming off of zero degrees? (I.e. going straight to turning.) It started a few thousand miles ago (at 152K miles) and is really irritating! I have tried spraying some LPS into the top back side gap of the steering wheel but it had no effect plus I felt nervous about spraying dry lube in that area without knowing what is in there? Optical sensors? Has anyone else experienced this noise? MSB Mustang / Mark
  6. Just hit 155k miles on my Duralast Gold C-Max Pads and Duralast solid vented rotors. Time for a change out. They have been fine and the brake dust is 75% improved over the non-ceramic pads. I sometimes wish I had a little better stopping power but 95% of the time this Duralast setup has been fine. Thought I would ask this forum, that game me such great advice the first time, if there are any other front (and it is also time for the rears as they are over 100k now) brake and rotor suggestions I should consider? Working in SF now and the stop and go driving is hard on my brakes. Mark / MSB Mustang
  7. Thanks everyone for the answers on my tires and shifter knob (Conti Extreme Contact DW's are incredible and thanks MSB64 for the shifter help). However now it appears I have another new problem (150K miles tends to cause some problems). I barely push my clutch pedal in at all now to start to shift/release and after searching online for many hours about adjusting the height of the clutch pedal (i.e. lowering it) without any clear answers I thought I would stop wasting time and consult the people who really know...the highly knowledgeable members of this forum! Is there a way to adjust the clutch pedal height in a 2007 GT500? I.e. have it dis-engage/release closer to the floor rather than when I barely touch it? Can this also be the cause of clutch slippage in 6th gear under heavy loads like going uphill? My fairly new McLeod RXT 1000HP clutch was supposed to last longer than my previous two stock ford clutches (about 45k miles each) not just 10K miles! By the way I don't track mine, it is just a daily driver. Looked all over this forum and others online and the info is not clear on how to adjust the clutch pedal height on a 2007-09 GT500. Solved the tire and broken shifter Knob problems and now this shows up! Hopefully it is an easy adjustment and I will not be needing another new McLeod clutch! Again only 10K miles on the present one. Thanks, MSB Mustang / Mark
  8. Hi Everyone, My 2007 GT500 Shift Knob Top Plastic Cover broke off this week. It is the piece with the 6 gears and Reverse printed on it. I thought it was metal but discovered it was plastic when it broke off last week. Tried to find a stock replacement shift knob online but no luck so far. Also does anyone have any thoughts on gluing it back together or purchasing a different "after market" replacement knob? I.e. do any of the aftermarket ones have a better feel when shifting? I do have the Ford Racing Short Throw Shifter M-7210-B installed. I can include a pic of the broken-off knob cover tomorrow if anyone would like to see it? No sure if model glue or epoxy would be better to try and fix it for now? Thanks, MSB Mustang / Mark
  9. OK...I finally got the Continental Extreme Contact DW's from Tire Rack because they were on sale. They were on "clearance special" because they are being replaced with an updated version. I got the older version "4 new tires" for under $550 plus $100 install at a local Firestone!!! I should not have waited until my "AWFUL" Nitto 555 extreme wore out. These Conti's ride smother, are quieter, corner better and don't pull right! No matter how many times we aligned the Nitto's they never when straight when you let go of the wheel. The Conti's went straight right away and we have not even done the alignment yet! The conclusion is...Nittos "completely suck" and the stock size Continental Extreme Contact DW are incredible! My tires before the Nitto's were the Toyo Proxies and they were very good but 4 years ago Toyo stopped making them in the 285-40-R18's for our rears which is why I tried the Nitto's that were well reviewed...which means never trust online reviews. Just trust the2007-2009 GT500 owners on this forum! Now I wonder how good the new versions or the Continential Extreme DW's will be?...but I expect these new ones to last quite a while. Thanks everyone for all the comments on tires for our 2007 GT500's MSB Mustang / Mark
  10. OK I have decided to go with the Continental Extreme Contact DW's. The only question now is size. Cobra567 muddied up my decision a bit when he said he is running Fronts 265/40/18 and Rears 295/35/18, instead of the stock 255/45/18 and 285/40/18. All of these are available on Tire Rack in the Continental Extreme Contact DW's. I like the idea of slightly larger tires...However I am not sure if the 295/35/18's will fit on the stock 9.5" rims? The speedometer will be off slightly but I think I can adjust that with the programmer? So...What does everyone think about Cobra 567's slightly bigger tire setup? The cost difference between the two sets is only $44 for the larger set (funny that the wider rears are cheaper?) and tirerack has all 4 sizes in the Conti's. Thanks everyone!!! MSB Mustang / Mark
  11. Cobra567 were those 295 MPSS's on the stock 9.5" rims? Did you have to readjust the speedometer with a programmer? And Bill even though Ford put the first 50K miles on the car at their testing facility in MI (Track/Dyno?) I have greatly enjoyed "My 100k miles!" Your 67k miles in your two Shelby's is close to me! My SVT#12 will be my last performance car so I hope it goes another 100k! I read online somewhere that Shelby's daughter had a 1970's GT350 with 300K+ miles on it! Also your comments about the "Wet" handling are very important to me since I live on the coast and it is wet here at least every other day. The Nitto 555 Extremes I have now are awful on wet roads!...especially since they are just now down to the wear bars front and rear! It is interesting that they have worn equally on the fronts and on the rears!? Decision between the Conti's/MPSS's has to made in the next couple of weeks. I do like the idea of slightly wider tires in the back but the smooth ride of the Conti's is also a major consideration for(on) my 62 year old body...that is getting a new right titanium hip soon! (Glad it was not the left hip joint that went bad because the 1000HP McLeod Dual Clutch is a bit harder to push on than the gas pedal is with my right foot! Thanks Everyone! Mark / MSB Mustang
  12. Well it is now time for new tires. Down to the wear bars on the rears and almost on the fronts. Very happy to finally get rid of the Nitto Extremes! Terrible tires. So I am down to two choices...Continental Extreme Contact DW or Michelin Pilot Super Sports. However it appears the Michelin Pilot Super Sports do not come in the stock 255/285 18" tires. I mostly just cruise around in my 2007 GT500 (almost 150K miles now) so the Conti's appear to be the best choice but I was wondering before I make this purchase if the forum has any thoughts on these two tires. Also if anyone is using the Michelin PSS tires on a 2007 GT500 with stock rims what size are you using? I have read some people are using 275/18's all the way around? I spent several hours looking up reviews on line but I trust the opinions given on this forum more than all the other sources put together!!! Being retired now I can't afford to screw this decision up like I did with the Nittos. Had to live with those awful tires the past 3 years...rough ride, terrible on launch and no grip on wet NorCal costal roads. Thanks everyone for helping me with probably the last tire purchase for my 2007 GT500. MSBMustang/Mark
  13. Sounds like it is time for a rear diff "Rebuild" project. How difficult is it? MSBMustang / Mark
  14. Thanks for the suggestions everyone. MSB64 (born in 64?) I of course am an MSB also...but a bit older as I also use MSBMustang54. I think I will order the black shorter one from CJ as I only need it to be a little shorter to get out of my car tent without hitting the steel cross bars I put in that are shorter now. Cutting it down is also an option. Thanks 08KR525 for that. For now I am back to using the "long/tall old antenna to listen to the Sharks and Warriors on the long drive home...but it does start swinging back and forth every time I go in out of the car tent. MSBMustang / Mark
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