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  1. That is my car, what about it?
  2. I bought that grill off of him
  3. He has the easy part over with, talking about it, and talking and talking
  4. I had mine done by TS member redtail, here is the link http://www.teamshelby.com/forums/index.php/topic/84723-hydro-carbon-kenny-bell-air-tube/
  5. Well I paid for 3 people, stood in line for 3 1/2 hours, name was on first list, but i would have to wait in the problem line, another hour, Got my daughters pass into the speedway, nothing else, they told me I wasn't in the system ,I told her I have all receipts in hand and they she told me sorry, Still got the books as I paid for them at the track, MCA has no chance of ever seeing me at one of there events again, cheers
  6. 1 car (GO) has stock bottom with AED tune no problems, other car (white) has bottom end beefed up with AED tune also, no problems with either
  7. Don't forget the V-6 brace, works well, your existing brace will not fit
  8. Great time to replace the cabin filter as well
  9. That's a bunch of BS about KB problems, I have 2 SGT's with KB's on them, 1 auto and 1 stick. NEVER have had a problem, Just have a professional do the installation. search on these forums and see how many people with KB have blown up there engine, Then check how many Whipple's have gone south, I have been hearing about this for years and have never seen any proof, So Dennis from TASCA is the supercharger god? Until he can offer some positive proof, I say he is full of chit
  10. http://www.matslv.com/2007/ponycarwars.shtml I'am going to be there on the 10th for this Mopar event, I will just stay for the whole week and go home Saturday also
  11. I have been a member sense the start of TS, all this time I have only received a membership packet 1 time, I get my SAAC membership every year as schedule
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