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  1. They already have them. There a different style then the orignal but they do have them. I received one last week
  2. I had my set powder coated satan black and picked them up today. I plan on running Nitto NT05 255/35/20 front and 275/35/20 rear. Once I get them mounted and on the car I'll post more pics
  3. Hey Robert I have a dumb question. I remember back some time you changed your hood pins and was wondering if you changed the lanyards and if you did do you remember what size rivets you used for the lanyards. I need to change my lanyards due to discoloring and want to use the right size rivets. Thanks Butch Sorry for going off topic
  4. I'm confused by this one line in that ad "This is the LAST set of 50th's I have, so if you want them, please use BIN before someone else does"
  5. +1 I'm really in need of one since I had a brain fart and busted mine up
  6. I haven't received a call yet but I'm not sure if I put my number in the email. Should I call him or wait? Thanks
  7. Jer I sent you an email the other day about getting a set for a Super Snake not sure if you got it or not. Thanks Butch
  8. Does this list include the Super Snake and if it does are they the same that come on the Super Snake. If they are how do I go about getting a set so I can powder coat them to match the wheels. Thanks Butch
  9. Can a Super Snake owner get a set of the Super Snake caps to put on these wheels since I'm removing the Super Snake stamped wheels for safe keeping and putting these on. I plan on powder coating them so I can't use the stock ones
  10. Jer, Will you guys be making the 2007-2009 Super Snake front chin splitters again. I damaged mine yesterday and contacted Wendy and was told there no longer available but possible in the future
  11. I was one of the first 9 to get my car done at Tasca and if I had to do it again I wouldn't .
  12. I placed my order on the first day around 1500 and haven't received a call yet
  13. Van, congrats and badass. I though it had the KB 4.2LC on it?
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