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  1. What other issues would you suggest? I welcome any and all advice. Because the car has been so annoying since day one, I have read every article I could lay my hands on regarding the S197 verts. Turns out there are two distinct opinions - the first is that they are rock solid and the second is that they are cowl-shaking champs. How can this be on mass produced vehicles? Shouldn't they all be one or the other? Perhaps some verts are mis-assembled in some way. Perhaps some drivers are less sensitive to the shake. The BMW vert I had previous to the GT500 was smooth as glass. On the other hand, the Z28 vert I had in the 90's could shake the fillings out of your teeth. I'm at a loss, but I'd give anything to have one of those rock-solid GT500 verts.
  2. After six years with "Shaky Jake" - my 2007 GT500 Convertible- I attempted to do something about the less than stellar chassis rigidity. Since day one I have been annoyed by the wibbly-wobbly nature of my vert. Sure, the S197's are tighter than the Fox body Mustangs, but a wet shoe box has less flex than a Fox body. There has always been an eccentric "pulsing" to the wheel, with a rapid back and forth oscillation even on smooth roads. More disconcerting are the tremors that pulse through the floor and wheel when traveling over even slightly uneven roads. I have tried different tires, alignments and balancing and re-balancing the wheels but to no effect. I have read some opinions that say chassis braces work wonders and others that say they do nothing at all. So throwing caution to the winds, I had Stiffler's (http://buystifflers.com) "Fit System" chassis stiffeners installed - to the tune of $660.00 including installation. This "System" is a set of square steel tubes with triangulated pads welded directly to the floor pan at numerous points. It was supposedly designed by an aerospace engineer. Laying on the ground, it does not look very impressive and the complete set only weighs about twenty pounds, so I was not expecting much. It took six hours for the guys at GTR Autosport in Rancho Cucamonga to weld it in. After driving the newly "stiffened" vert over familiar roads, I wish to report that the "Fit System" has very little to no effect on the cowl shake inherent in the convertible. Stiffler advises that "Stiffer chassis reduces or eliminates interior rattles and extends life of vehicle". This may be technically true, but the car with the "Fit System" installed still rattles like a soda can filled with rocks. In fact, other than a nebulous sense that the car is a hair more stable (which may be the placebo effect) I have to say that I can perceive no difference in the behavior of the car post "stiffening". In short, I do not believe this may be the best use for $660.00.
  3. I had my '67 Shelby stripped by Redi-strip in Illinois. They use an alkaline instead of a acid process, plus they de-rust the car with a electrolysis process. All these Mustangs rust and I wanted it to be as rust free as possible. The car came out great, but there was some residual leaking of fluid that required the primer to be touched up. I would not use an acid dip, though. I have heard horror stories about acid dips.
  4. Just before I hit 30,000 miles on my 2007 vert the clutch started slipping. A few years back I had the TSB done. Dealer (Galpin) says the slipping is not covered and I have to pony up 3+ grand to fix it. So far, I've had to replace the clutch, top, seat cover and now clutch again. Every time I think about the 70K I paid for a car with wicked wheel hop, clutch issues, cowl shake, the barest of options and crappy dealer service I want to kick myself. No more Fords for me.
  5. Here's the problem. The parts that say "GT500" are exactly like the "Snake/KR/40th" ones - which do not match the contours of the Snake either. I assumed they did, but then I looked at a local KR. Sure enough, the edges are not parallel to the sides on the snake. If I were designing a part to sit next to the Snake, I would have tried to make the edges parallel. Well, SA didn't - you are assuming they did. If you try to make them so, you'll go mad. Concentrate on making the two wings parallel to the ground. Somehow, this seems so very, very Shelby.
  6. I was just comparing pictures of the wings on the 'Super Snake" and "40th Anniversary" and they seem to be cut exactly like the "GT 500" ones Robert and Sharon are selling. It would make sense to use the same dies, afterall. If true, then the problem is not with the product.
  7. Anyone but note that there was no GT500 at the L.A. Auto Show? I asked a Ford rep there why and he sneered (yes, sneered) and said that Ford was focusing on the Boss 302. It didn't seem to me that Shelby was much of a big deal with Ford.
  8. The bloom has been off the rose for some time. The 2007-09 GT500's are yesterday's news and have been eclipsed by the 2011. Many reviews of the 2011 GT 500 (and GT) disparage the previous models in comparison. They have proven to be problematic when it comes to TSB issues and cannot be considered rare or collectible in the foreseeable future. I am surprised you don't see more for sale, but consider if you financed a high ADM over 60 months you'd still be underwater at this point. Wait another year and we'll really see the flood gates open.
  9. There is a reason that Ford has gone to the trouble and expense of adding new bracing and filling the chassis with foam on the 2011 vert. The chassis flex you are experiencing is not in your imagination, nor the alignment, nor the wheels/tires. Numerous articles have been written about the vert's inherent shakiness - Heck, Ford wouldn't even put the larger wheel package or improved suspension on the 2010 vert. For some reason vert owners on this forum tend to shy away from dealing with this problem - like whistling past the graveyard. Maybe they don't drive theirs much. Anyway, I am looking into retrofitting the 2011 improvements onto my '07. I'll let you know if it's possible.11brace3.pdf 11brace.pdf 11brace1.pdf
  10. Thank you Diamondback and Team Shelby! If not for this post, I would not have a brand new top on my '07! Dealer replaced it under the cited TSB - no questions asked, even with 24,800 miles.
  11. I hate to disagree with Enis, but I don't recommend the shop Galpin uses. I took my vert there because of the creases that happen in the rear fender area. Pretty simple fix I'd say but they did a remarkably incompetent job. Now I'm looking for someone to fix their "fix" - which means a complete panel respray. Not happy.
  12. Chip, logic and experience would seem to agree with you, but Shelby American has gone in a different direction. Take a look at the graphics on the 427 edition or the design of the Prudhomme Super Snake. Too over the top for me (and I'm 42). Wouldn't be caught dead with that sort of thing. But then again, I'd be a bit embarrassed by the message of "over compensation" inherent in having "Super Snake" on the side of my car. Perhaps those who, in their youth, lusted after a Trans Am with a giant chicken on the hood feel they have found (at long last) a suitable substitute. I dunno. Apparently it sells - and not to 17 year olds but to those "of a certain age".
  13. Well, I for one am relieved. I had feared that the new 350 would be so bitchin' that I would have to get one to go along with my '67 (and money doesn't exactly fall from the sky like it used to). But this "concept" does nothing for me. It's more of the same from Amy's crew - and I don't mean that in a negative way. SA has made a conscious decision to push their designs "over the top". If you liked the "427 Edition with it's garish graphics or the Prudhomme Super Snake than you'll love this car. I know that Shelby's skew to a clientele of a certain age and income bracket, so this must be what they want (or what SA thinks they want). Good for them. I also understand that Team Shelby is by and for true believers, but let's accept that not everyone has drank the Kool-Aid and even first time posters are entitled to their opinions. A lot of us wanted to love this car and are disappointed - expressing such does not a troll make. Let's see how many Shelby sells. Let that be the final determination of this design's success or failure.
  14. Not in the near future. Not in the foreseeable future. Not ever, probably.
  15. In my '07 500, the crappy suspension knocks the jug handles out of my hands at high speed. You ever try to get white lightning out of the carpets?
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