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  1. Welcome Dan. Pick a date and we will try and make it. We had fun at the last one.
  2. Fun read. Hard to believe it's over ten years. You can add mine to #32. We did the Shelby Re-run Europe with my 40th
  3. I have one and I like it. I store it in the original package and keep it very clean.
  4. I am a long time fan. Saw them in 1975 at Roosevelt stadium in Jersey City.
  5. I have a Direct Lift 8000S and it has been great. It is now about 15 years old. I also have a 20 year old Back Yard Buddy. Both great lifts. No problem putting the Shelby on either one. Just verify your ceiling height to make sure you have the height for both cars.
  6. I will be there with my Daytona Couple. Leaving the 40th in the garage for this one.
  7. Has anyone had success tracking their car using this. I plugged the information in for a friend and it didn't find anything,.
  8. Mine has been driven cross country twice, out the Dearborn, down to North Carolina, toured New England with Sean, has seen rain, snow, cow manure ( New England tour) and tracked at least 6 times. Still cleans up to show room condition. I don't think I am going to live long enough to see these increase in value so I enjoy driving the hell out of it. Like Sherri said "I am not worried about the next guy". If starring at it in the garage floats your boat, great. I drive the hell out of all my cars but keep them maintained to showroom condition. Sherri/Alex Terlingua is on my bucket list. Maybe next year.
  9. It was a good time. The poker run was a fun 70 mile ride through some great back roads even with the rain. Saturday was a good time with all the cars and walking up and down pit row during the Indy car practice. Got to spend time with Pete Brock talking Daytona's. He even got in my Daytona and signed the dash. It was a great weekend.
  10. No, right place right time, wrong post. Torch will be there the entire time this year as well.
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