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  1. I know we have gorgeous cars - mine's an 08 SGT in blue, and I have had now several people in the parking garage at work stop & ask if they can photograph my car! One woman was walking behind me for a while, then turned around as I got near my car, & I said hello to her. She looked very embarassed and said what a beautiful car I had. I thanked her, but she still looked like she wanted to say something else, so I paused a moment, and noticed she had a camera in her hand. She then blushed & said she was embarassed to ask, but would I mind if she took a picture of my car for her husband! Needless to say, I was delighted and obliged. After owning a special edition corvette before the SGT, I have to say I never got anywhere near the comments, thumbs-ups, or stares, and certainly no requests to photograph the car! Fun stuff.
  2. Dumb question, I hope, but do Mustangs have no interior trunk release? My daughter's Focus has one beside the steering wheel, & even my dealer said he didn't know of one in the Mustang! Of course the remote will open it & that's fine, but this seems odd--- or have I just never come across it?
  3. Has anyone seen a Shelby steering wheel logo that would go on over the "regular mustang" piece that's at the center of the steering wheel? I'd love to replace that with something more "Shelby-esque!"
  4. I live in Texas & so have only driven in snow & ice once, but for a rear drive car, it did quite well with stock tires-- just have to go easy on the takeoff, but I found that it handled well. Of course if you're in snow & ice a lot, the snow tire idea would be a good one, but it's not bad in the snow as-is.
  5. Very nice! Too bad Ford didn't get the idea to bring back THAT body style for 2010 ~ that would be a huge hit & new fodder for Shelby Inc! Maybe someday...
  6. 1976 Mustang Cobra II (yeah!) 1986 Toyota MR2 1996 Camaro 1999 Firebird WS6 40th Anniv. Special Edition 2002 Honda S2000 2004 Corvette 2008 SGT!
  7. How about a similar banner with a Blue SGT?? Any plans for one?? The black looks great, but blue would really be spectacular!
  8. so, can you let us know what the supercharger does to you gas mileage? just curious!
  9. Excellent price - about 5k over what I paid for my coupe, & I though I got a great deal! BUT- be SURE you'll be ok with an automatic; I tired of my 04 Corvette due to the lack of a stick---- lasted almost 4 years, but ended up missing rowing it myself & despite Dallas traffic, I can't see going back to an auto again..... to each his/her own, but try to be SURE you'll be satisfied with the auto.
  10. 1976 Mustang Cobra II 1986 Toyota MR2 1996 Camaro 1999 TransAm WS6 40th Anniv. Edition 2002 Honda S2000 2004 Corvette Lemans Edition 2008 SGT !
  11. So there are unsold 08s out there? None in my area 4 sure.
  12. Saw a mirror image of my 08 SGT tonight coming out of the Shops at Highland Village towards 2499 -- is that anyone on here?
  13. Purchased 08 SGT 10/07, 7k miles (daily driver)
  14. Wow- I guess our cars are just toooo rare for many "sightings" postings! Which is really kinda cool...
  15. If there were a modestly priced (or staggered menu of items) upgrade that offered the following, I'd be interested, as long as the upgrade were offered by SAI or one of its authorized affiliates to keep it all "pure shelby": Special SGT steering wheel/hub Functional hood scoop (could they modify existing scoops/hoods to do this?) Upgraded brakes & painted shoes Subtle tinted windshield trim @ the top with some sort of "Shelby" badging in non-ostentatious appearance But honestly, no need to do anything to these awesome cars - just some ideas.
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