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  1. We had a blast and so enjoyed the scenic views. Loved all the Red Stripes This was 10 minutes from the show. Even in a traffic jam the view was great!
  2. I have 2010 GT500 American Muscle Black Wheels. I like them.
  3. Under one of those topics where everyone has an opinion, I would stay away from drilled rotors if you do any performance driving. I have seen too many cracked ones starting at a hole. Lots of good options, enjoy.
  4. I run a Roush Black Jack on the Track and this the set up the guys are really pushing on me. Big positive reviews from the folks that have them.
  5. I come for the Porn, Shelby Porn! I agree there is a great comfort zone here and lots of respect.
  6. Believe it or not I had to buy the original pipes AGAIN to fix the clang!
  7. If your car is lowered be careful with Borla pipes. The set I had banged on the axle.
  8. Doug, you would love the Hot Rod Power Tour if you like to drive. 4500 cars for thousands of miles! It is a blast!
  9. I could care less about car shows awards, I go to have fun, see friends, meet folks, enjoy the drive and most of the time I don't even vote if given a ballot. Only time I cared about it was when I had a classic and I only did it once to get a benchmark on what need work on the car. I also learn a lot about what you can mod on a car at car sows. I drive em hard, get em real dirty and then clean them. Not interested in a trophy, just a smile.
  10. Looks fun and some excellent pics. Thanks.. Great car colors.
  11. You are an evil man to bring such stress to my life! That is one sweet car!
  12. Shelby Northwoods at Road America next week end. Bring that beauty by and dazzle us all!
  13. At one stop the manager of the Burger King went out to take pictures of it. Kind of cracked me up as e were close to Shelbyville Indiana.
  14. We did a lot of that route 2 weeks ago on the Hot Rod Power Tour. 2158 miles for us, 18.3 MPG and a blast on the country roads with 4000 other cars on the tour. Lots more Mustangs this year. Like you I think these are great road cars!
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