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  1. Wow, you sure did! I sure hope this is not a trend (the low prices for the 40th's I mean, not gettin the good deals). Welcome to Team Shelby and the attic Gothick!
  2. Wow, stunning car JD. Congrats! I'd be lying if I said I'm not cringing at the though of that beauty as a daily. I know what Mr. Shelby always said but jeeezz...................
  3. You are spot on. The upgrade at the time was termed "40th Anniversary with Super Snake Upgrades". Some of the early 40th's that opted for this (and the Kenne Bell) got the "Super Snake" scriped blowers (polished or black) and are quite rare. As you mentioned, the brakes, 3.73 rear, shifter, etc. were available as well. The hood, stripes, badging and CSM were essentially the only differences between an optioned out 40th Anniversary and a "Super Snake".
  4. JD, your mailbox is full. PM me if you would.
  5. 2007 battery just died this spring. Never had a battery tender on it through the winters, etc. But I did have to charge a few times after the winter I went with another Motorcraft. One thing to note, I picked up the battery from the dealer (BTX-95R @ $119.00), tried to install it and realized the it was too small. dealer said that only it and another battery is listed for the GT500 on their computer. When I called back he said that they checked the paper catalog and found the "correct" battery (YN BTX 40R).
  6. Blondie, Do you have a date/time when it is scheduled to go across the block? Please keep us posted on this. Especially the results. Good luck!
  7. Yeah, certainly no complaints here on the looks it is everything I had hoped for as they hit it out of the park, just the wrong damn platform.
  8. Yeah, I've heard others speak of increases with them but so far - so good as I've had them (BG) from about 2007(ish?) and have been bracing ever since.
  9. AIG (Barrett-Jackson) '07 40th @ $100,000 agreed and a '64 Fairlane @ $6000 agreed value. $600/year total for both.
  10. I haven't overlooked the 2WD F-150 TOW vehicle that was offered in the past for a couple of reasons I surmise, To be offered as a tow vehicle for Super Snake owners and because Mr. Shelby always wanted to do a "pick-up truck" again. Although they do offer a "Super Snake" looking stripe option, I don't believe that there are any snakes or a nameplate that says "Super Snake" on the Raptor (I may have missed it). If there are/is see above statement. In any case, they certainly were not trying to re-invent the Super Snake by offering these on a lesser vehicle (of course that's JMO).
  11. Something that I've noticed in Germany (having lived there myself for a number of years) is that they apparently haven't accepted the "closest distance between to points is a straight line" premise in that no matter how flat or featureless the terrain, the roads do nothing but curve and twist. No doubt a result of certain car manufacturers lobbying efforts and they all think they're still on the autobahn no matter where they are, lol.
  12. Yeah but they have to have something to justify not affording it. BTW, If I hadn't said it before, I be loving your stable! I would have chosen that exact color/option scenario.
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