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  1. This sometimes happens because you are specifying a different shipping address from the billing address on your credit card account. Try calling the credit card company and asking them to add your shipping address as an additional address on your account. Then retry the transaction.
  2. I assume that's Gary Disney, a very nice fellow! When I do the interior upgrade, I want to do it through the Shelby Store in order to have my car's Shelby Registry entry so annotated. When I place the order with them, I'll ask them about the matching door panels, and I'm sure they can add them to the order. Right now I'm just waiting for the next big Shelby Store sale.
  3. Are the door inserts part of the basic upgrade package available through the Shelby Store? One of the things that has deterred me from the upgrade package is that the patterns of the original seats match the patterns on the door panels.
  4. As I recall from the Shelby GT-500 book, the inspiration for the 2007 was the 1967. The 2010+ was essentially a smoothing-out of the wedge of cheese shape of the 7-9. A couple of months ago I saw one of the Eleanor clones made from refurbished 1967 Mustangs, and was struck by how small and sleek it looked next to our "thoroughly modern" GT500s. Obviously ours are much more lavish, and have all that mandatory safety stuff added on.
  5. Lt. Colonel, PSYOP, USA-Ret. Also punched my ticket with Special Forces, Civil Affairs, Attaché/Foreign Area Officer with NATO. Finished up with 4 years as one of the Army's first Space Intelligence Officers at USSPACECOM, Cheyenne Mountain. Nice place to work except for all the ruckus from the Stargate downstairs.
  6. I was referring to the ability to tilt the entire seat, not just the back.
  7. I purchased an '11 with the standard seats. My wife showroom-tested the Recaros and found them uncomfortably narrow. [Females have wider pelvic bones than males.] Both of us also disliked the lack of a tilt-feature in the Recaros; they just go straight up/down/forward/backward. The manual standard passenger seat was annoying for the same adjustment reasons. The driver can power-adjust height, distance, and tilt for comfort, but the passenger - particularly if a shorter female - is stuck with a nontilt seat so low that she may wind up staring more at the glovebox than out the windshield. I immediately ordered the parts for the Ford power passenger seat (as in the GT Premium), which made the passenger seat a duplicate of the driver's. Everything is now ideal. Thinking of upgrading to the Shelby interior the next time the Store has a nice sale ...
  8. I wouldn't call you "foolish" for having a Tiger. My college roommate had one in 1965 (Series 1 260), and it was a blast to drive. In those days the British sportscars you saw wheezing around were MGBs, Triumph TR4s, and the rare Lotus Elans, not to mention Sunbeam's pre-Shelby Alpines. The Tiger arrived on the scene like . At the time I didn't know it was a Carroll Shelby creation, but it figures!
  9. Just an advisory to let 2007-9 owners know that Rau Autowood makes some gorgeous wood steering wheels for the 2007-9 Mustang. I have a 2011, and when I called them, they don't have a 2010-12 wheel pre-ready, but you can send them a wheel and they will custom-overlay it. When I have the time, I want to confer with my local Ford Parts guru and identify the "base" wheel that will fit the Shelby and its spoke controls, so that I can send one to Rau for customizing. Will let the Forum know if I get anywhere with this. [Obviously not going to send my original Shelby wheel.] Ever since the first 1965 GT350s, I've thought that a Shelby Mustang needs a wood wheel. My particular favorite is the very elegant one that came with the 1967s.
  10. Over the years many different countries have produced automotive legends. Boy, was this one ever an AMERICAN. P.S., Ferrari's ass was indeed yours, Mr. S.
  11. This morning I again telephoned SVT and asked, "What about run-flats?" The nice man said that for performance driving the car is designed for the tires it has on it from the factory, and that they don't recommend any other tires [or wheels, lug nuts, etc.]. He went on to describe "performance driving" as the sort of extreme speeds and handling you'd see on a racetrack. I said, "What about normal street/highway driving, i.e. less than 100 mph and so on?" He said for normal street driving run-flats would be OK as long as they are appropriately speed-rated and sized to the OEM tires. He added that run-flats would not harm the car's geometry or jeopardize/invalidate the Ford warranty or Ford ESP in any way. That was basically it. Out of curiosity when I next have a chance, I'm going to drop by my favorite tire place in San Francisco, show them what's on the GT500 and see if they have a run-flat replacement and what it would cost. As usual, will post here anything interesting I learn. In answer to Shelby Amateur above, I wasn't aware my 2011 had such a kit. Maybe it's down in that cavity under the rear trunk? Will have to take a look.
  12. Good question. If I have a chance, I'll call SVT tomorrow and see what they say about that, and report back here. I've also had a Vette with RFs and didn't mind them. My '11 GT500 SVTPP already rides like a buckboard, particularly over San Francisco's lovely streets, so my spine shouldn't mind being additionally shortened by a couple of more inches.
  13. I just telephoned Ford SVT (800-367-3788). I said, "There's a discussion on Team Shelby about what to do if you get a GT500 flat tire. I looked in the GT500 Owner's Manual supplement and it says absolutely nothing about this. So suppose I get a flat tire. What does SVT want me to do?" The nice man said, "This is a high-performance car with special wheels and special tires, different front/rear. If you put on a mismatched wheel and/or tire, you could damage the car's geometry/settings/tolerances by driving it thus. Also at anything over putterspeed, a mismatched anything could be dangerous in terms of vehicle control." I said, "What about quick-fix solutions: goo cans, tire-fix kits & air pumps?" He said, "We don't recommend them. You don't know the type or extent of a leak problem, and goo cans can also create a hell of a mess inside the tire and make it unrepairable." "So what do you want me to do?" "Call Ford Roadside Assistance (800) 241-3673 and let them deal with it, which essentially means flatbedding the car to a qualified tire repair facility. We recommend FRA rather than AAA because flatbedding these cars requires special attention too. This is discussed in the SVT Owner's Manual supplement, but FRA will be more familiar with it. Also, if Ford handles the flatbedding, Ford is responsible for it being done correctly." He added, "We're all in the habit of wanting an immediate, owner fix for a flat, but that's for ordinary cars, not this one. This is a quantum different high-performance car. This is one of the limitations of this kind of car."
  14. Very interesting and practical thread. The next time I'm near my 2011, I will look in the owner's manuals (the Mustang and the GT500 ones) and see what they advise about flat tire situations. If nothing, I'll try a call to Ford and see what they say. If anything helpful, I'll report it here. I am generally reluctant to experiment with wheels, tires, nuts on a car which is designed for what it's got on it, for fear that I might damage other components or the car's geometry by driving on a jerryrig, even temporarily. Much rather call AAA and have the beast flatbedded to a tire shop for a repair/replacement. The drawbacks in that are (a.) delay and (b.) sometimes you're in the middle of nowhere on Sunday evening. I am thinking that a goo bottle, or the repair kit/air pump is the most prudent, but want to see what Ford says. Also want to make sure that nothing I do jeopardizes my overall car warranty.
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