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  1. Anybody????? I was the original owner of a 2007 SGT White/Gray M6. I sold it and am looking to sell the book. Offers?
  2. I tried this in the 4 sale section but didn't get a reply. I have a new Shelby GT book for sale. It has Carroll Shelby's actual signature along with the signature card. I'm asking less than what I paid for it a few years back, $695. I'll try here before FleaBay. You can reply or PM. Thanks, John
  3. How would you compare a Porsche 928 to the SGT, driving characteristics, which one you've enjoyed owning/driving more?...thanks in advance.

  4. I'm the original owner of my 2007 Shelby GT. Those of you that were around then remember that Shelby offered tons of accessories for the then new Shelby GT/GTH. One of those that I bought were Shelby GT wheel caps. As you can see, they just had text without any snake. I think I like the Berg snake version better, but this is what Shelby offered. Just as an FYI:
  5. Not to hijack, but which Scat Pack model are you going with? I'm looking at the T/A Plus. The Go Green is my favorite color. Good luck whichever you get. I'd be interested in your thoughts driving the Challenger vs. the SGT. Besides it being heavier and about 100 more hp.
  6. Oh. Okay. Thanks. Where does it get placed on the airbag cover? Is there a certain spot for the emblem? Or, are people placing them wherever it looks good?
  7. Feed back is that I love them. The car handles the same, but without the harshness of the original shock/strut ride. I'm the original owner and my car is still my DD. Yes, after 10 years and 50k plus miles. So, ride harshness (or lack of) is important to me. The Bilsteins removed most of that teeth chattering whenever I'd go over railroad tracks, etc. I also had a 2004 Mach 1 which was my previous daily driver. I traded it in for the Shelby. I tried the Tokico 5 way adjustables on that, but still had the harshness, even in the softest setting. So, I installed the Bilsteins and loved them ever since. I know the KYB's are less expensive, but I've never tried them. I figure for something that affects the ride characteristics, I wanted the best gas shocks. Hope that helps.
  8. Sorry in advance for this dumb question. I'm the original owner of my 07 SGT. I have the Berg Shelby GT Steering Wheel and Faux Gas Cap decals. I have the Shelby GT wheel centers from Shelby which I bought when the car was new. But, where does the airbag Shelby GT emblem go? Does anyone have a pic? A description? Thanks in advance.
  9. My 10th is in September. Started life as a DD and there she stayed until last October. Original scoop, redone stripes. 55k miles. New job, commute traffic, car pool lanes, all added up to a Ford Fusion Energi. Much better gas miles, get to drive in the car pool lanes when it's just me in the car, etc. Longest time I've had a car. We need someone to produce a 10 year ownership sticker or something we can place on our cars. Remember the CSM#'s? Maybe something similar. I have no ability, otherwise I'd make them. Anybody?
  10. This 2007 SC/GT sold for $70k at the Sliver Auction in Arizona recently. Of course, it wasn't the average SC/GT. The results aren't posted on the Auction site, yet. They say it takes about a week to add those. However, I saw this from Autoweek's coverage. "...Silver Auctions' top sale, a 2007 Ford Mustang Shelby GT/SC. A little off the beaten path, and with a catalog traditionally filled with less expensive cars (plus substantially lower sell-through rates) than the other Arizona sales, Silver Auctions managed to stay more or less on course in 2017; its $3.44 million in sales were down from 2016’s $3.8 million, but average sale price was more or less unchanged. Top lots included a 2007 Ford Mustang Shelby GT/SC ($70,200), ..." Car info: https://www.silverauctions.com/auction_view.php?eventid=237&lotid=73117 Autoweek article: http://autoweek.com/article/classic-cars/2017-arizona-collector-car-auctions-results?utm_source=DailyDrive20170124&utm_medium=enewsletter&utm_term=headline-center&utm_content=body&utm_campaign=awdailydrive
  11. Shelby recently announced the new Shelby GTE. You can build one on their website. It looks a lot like the ShelbyGT, which apparently has been discontinued. Does anyone know why the switch to the GTE and what the E stand for?
  12. I bought one but haven't installed it yet. I read on another forum that it's useless with the 'Bamatune. Has anyone else tried it with a 'Bama tune on their SGT?
  13. I got the Michelin Super Sports in the stock size. They're summer tires. My car's a DD, but man do they GRIP!!. An M coupe (Z3 hard top) was trying to lose my on the twistiies. I kept poking my nose in on the inside like I was going to pass him. LOL I would think, ah-oh, this curve is it. But, the car was on rails. Not even a squeal!! Pissed him off and the grip scared the $hit out of me.
  14. Still interested in the ShelbyGT book. What are you asking for it? jaydub mach1

  15. Sorry to hear your leaving us. Is it too soon to ask if you have a copy of the Shelby GT book for sale? Thanks and good luck!!
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