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  1. http://www.fordracingpartsdirect.com/Ford_Racing_2005_2010_Mustang_GT_Top_End_Package_p/m-fr4-s197.htm
  2. where ya been 69?

  3. What are you referring to when you say pay to have it coated?
  4. Yeah,,,,,,,,and he rested on the seventh day!
  5. Since most of these are about a year old are there any updates? Anyone regret using the Krylon? I read each of the threads and apparently the Krylon does give a different appearance to the rest of the surfaces since it is now "matted". I just sent my airbag cover off for signature so I am also very concerned with this issue. Actually I am scared to death that something will accidentally happen to the signature someday and it will be gone forever.
  6. Also great mileage. I obtained 25-26+ MPG on the first 1,000 mile trip. Changed the oil and a month later drove it 2200 more miles.
  7. Stump, I know this is off topic, but you have to change your avatar. May I suggest you contact scooby for advice. That picture hurts to look at.
  8. Wonder how the HP would be with cam, FRPP heads, and FRPP TB. The combo should be over 400 HP (flywheel) without the stress of a supercharger. If the current 3v intake is similar to the 2v intake (plastic) they eventually crack and leak. They become brittle from the heat.
  9. The same should apply to social security. They should be forced to be in social security as opposed to a separate retirement plan. Bet no one would raid the social security lockbox then. Now we have the foxes guarding the hen house.
  10. Thank you. She actually bought a 2010 over the weekend.
  11. Just curious. How did nixon give nuclear secrets away? I am aware the commander-in-shame allowed the sale of technology to china that allowed them to develop weapons and guidance systems. And it was commander-in -another world jimmy carter that allowed the ayatollah to take over Iran.
  12. Does the paxton require removal of the fascia to change the air filter? I understand the KB blocks or covers the oil fill access. Are there any lists of advantages and disadvantages of each system? I know some complain the KB filter may become wet if driven in the rain because it is mounted low. Any disadvantages to the whipple? Any disadvantages to the Paxton?
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