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    Car Enthusiast. Loved Mustangs since I can remember. NASCAR. GO NAVY!
  1. Van I bet you were pretty darn proud to put up that Avatar! Awesome!!!!
  2. Go get 'em again Van, Jon and the rest of the team! Sounds like an awesome setup!
  3. "Next time you should ask guys that work on cars. It'll save you some money" Thanks for your smartass remark! I do not know how I have managed for 40+ years doing all my own work on cars without asking you! The discussion was about hearing the ticking, "without using a stethoscope", over normal engine sounds. I did not change the injectors "because" they ticked. I upgraded them because I needed to due to upgrades. But....when I did change them.......no more ticking to the naked ear. Period. In my humble opinion....the stock injectors definately ticked louder than what I have heard in the past. Does it mean there is a problem....no.......but you also better not just "assume" its the injectors, and at least do a little investigating and make sure its not an exhaust leak, or possibly something more serious.
  4. Exactely. Expect I think it sounds better than when I had the catted x-pipes. With the cats it still had too much of a raspy/tinny sound. With the bullets and no cats, and KR mufflers I think it sounds more throaty, less raspy. Sorry for not having any pics or a sound file up yet. Will try and get that in next couple days, been very busy at work, and got to get house and yard ready for approaching hurricane, IRENE is coming.
  5. I swapped out the stock injectors for a set of 72lb injectors that i got from Van (Revan Racing). No more ticking. I do not know if you have the same problem or not. It sounds like your ticking is alot louder than mine was. If the ticking is very loud....I would suspect exhaust leak, lifters, etc. Good luck!
  6. Thats funny! My wife and friends at work did the same thing when I said it was too loud! For me, the biggest thing is it was just too loud in traffic during normal acceleration and rpms. Now its got more of a rumble during normal driving, but it still barks loudly when getting on it.
  7. Okay...first I know this topic has been beat to death. But wanted to pass on my experience. Of course exhaust sound is such a personal item. To each their own. Like many others....I have been trying to get my GT500 to sound the way I wanted it to. First I went with the SLP Loudmouths, because the stock exhaust was too darn timid. I loved the sound of the SLP Loudmouths with the stock exhaust. But as the mod bug hit and I started changing things up, i.e. Evolution Performance Stage 2, and then finally ending up with the Kenne Bell 2.8 Mammoth. I also changed out the stock exhaust tubing for better breathing. After many different configurations I ended up with the Lethal Performance Catted X-pipe. Unfortunately the combination of the catted x-pipe with the SLP loudmouths were just too loud! Great for the track....but just too loud for daily driving! So then I swapped out the SLP Loudmouths for KR mufflers. Not as loud...but still pretty loud, and had that raspy sound. Eventually I eneded up swapping out the catted x-pipe for Lethals off-road x-pipe due to concerns of the cats running Torco and race gas. Now I had the off-road x-pipes with the KR mufflers. Again it was pretty darn loud and sounded pretty good, although still too darn raspy, not the muscle car sound I wanted. but I convinced myself that it was fine for now. The only problem was that raspy sound eventually started to get on my nerves, and the sound level was very unfriendly to daily driving, i.e. in traffic, etc. I lived with it for a year or so...although I knew it was not what I really wanted. Finally...after reading MANY emails and forums over the last year or so.........I decided that some kind of resonator, mid muffler, or maybe an H-Pipe was needed. After much thought I decided to go with the mid muffler approach. This weekend I installed Dynomax Bullet Race mufflers. WOW! What a difference! I absolutely love the sound now! No raspy sound! A nice muscle car sound, and sounds graet during daily driving, and at WOT. No drone! What I did was installed the bullets directly to the outlet side of the X-pipe. I was a little concerned about everything lining up, but after loosing up the entire exhaust system, and making the required cuts, everything went together pretty well, although getting it all lined up was a challenge! For now I used exhaust clamps, no welding. So now I am finally really happy with the sound! :happy feet: At least until I add longtubes! Then the process will probably start over again....LOL! Lethal Off-road X-Pipes, Dynomax Bullet Mufflers and KR Mufflers! These are the bullet mufflers I used My link I will try and get some pictures and a sound clip up by this weekend. Huge thanks to every single forum and thread that helped me with this!
  8. Don't beat yourself up. Unfortunately these cars are not ready for the dragtstrip with stock suspension and especially the stock tires. Considering this was your first trip to the track and on stock tires, you did pretty good. On stock tires the car is really good at burning rubber, but sucks at launching. You will need to at the least put some Nitto's on to get some better traction, but ideally you need to put a good set of drag radials on, i.e. M&H or Mickey Thompsons. You will be amazed how much a good set of drag radials will add to the performance! It should get you into the low 12's, high 11's with your mods. Springs, adjustable shocks, and control arms will also help alot to get the car to squat, and get rid of any wheel hop issues. Also 3:73 gears is a great mod. With practice you should get into the mid 11's. Have fun....keep us posted.
  9. Congrats to all! Great job! Going to need wings and a pilot license with the 4.2!!!!
  10. How do I move this thread over to the Exhaust section. I am an idiot and should have put it there to begin with. Thanks, Dennis
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