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  1. If anyone has this car I have rental info and a couple of pics. I rented it in Orlando in August of 06. It was an Awesome ride. Thanks Mark
  2. Those are some neat videos!!!
  3. Hey Just looking for a little help for a friend. He's got some cars in this online car show and we would both appreciate if you would go over to the site. Register and vote for his cars. It will only take a minute and I would be really grateful Its the Texaco Car of the Decade http://www.texacocarofthedecades.com/DefaultLogin.aspx Please vote for these two cars http://www.texacocarofthedecades.com/CarDe...amp;Decade=2000 and http://www.texacocarofthedecades.com/CarDe...amp;Decade=1970. Please, register and vote, and help us win this Car Show! Register and enter the contest today! Thanks!!
  4. Just FYI from Houston. There is a Mustang Club of Houston. www.mcoh.org There is an All Ford Car Show on Oct 27th. Check the MCoH link above for details. Would love to have the Houston area cars make a showing. Thanks
  5. Saturday is good. Details?????
  6. Well I worked some OT this last weekend. So I'm currently talking to my finance manager "the wife" about making the purchase. I'll keep you posted. Hey Moabman when's the cruise you mentioned????
  7. Well Moabman. Did you try?????? We're waiting to know what the outcome is???? :-)
  8. Hey Thanks!! That's just what I was looking for. Mark
  9. Thanks for the replies. Time to start modding. :happy feet:
  10. Has anyone here installed a chin spoiler? If so what brand and how was the install? Quality of the spolier? Thanks!!
  11. Dave I guess you looked under the front seats? That's where mine was. Mark
  12. Hey Mark, No problem. I thought it was cool having the dates and times on the sheet. Hey do go to any local car shows or cruises? I'd love to see you car sometime. Mark aka"Lakepilot"
  13. So did the car get finished? How about some pics? Hey do you do any local cruises? And car shows you attend?
  14. All I can say is it looks really NICE!
  15. I kinda have the same thing. Doesn't do it all the time. It is annoying.
  16. Dave, Thanks for the info. I bet the tour was cool. I was able to tour the Shelby Automotive site in Vegas last year. It was neat seeing all the Hertz Shelby's being built. Then I was lucky enough to rent one when I was in Orlando last year. It was an awesome ride. I'm hoping I will get a response from a Ford employee on the broadcast sheet. But even if I don't it's cool to have. Mark
  17. I was coming home this evening in my 07 GT with the paper tags still on it and a 2000 GT was next me. He was wanting to race. It's kinda interesting.
  18. I'm hoping to keep the front plate off. I got my GT at Freeway Ford. I had a 2000 Atlantic Blue vert. I enjoyed it. It was nice cruising early or late.
  19. Ruf That song has always been a driving song to me. I'm just glad I finally got a car to go with it! :happy feet:
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