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  1. Matt, got your PM on the serive manual DVD. It's yours. I will get it out to you in the next few days. Just pay me after you get it. Thanks again, Tom
  2. Troy got his shifter and has installed it this last Saturday. Really like's it and got a great deal on new upgrades. I still have a few things let listed on my first page. The S/C with TB is a great deal for someone that wanted to send it out and have it ported and polished. Checkout what I have left and make me an offer. I will try and work with you. tewebb50@hotmail.com
  3. Thank you Troy. Your tracking number has been emailed to you. Thanks again, Tom
  4. Someone make me an offer on what I have left. I picked up a new 2008 Corvette Z06, VY. She is loaded. I have no need for the GT500 items I have left. I sold my GT500 already. I don't like ebay. Someone make me a respectful offer for it all. Just ask, all I can say is yes or no. Can be reached at tewebb50@hotmail.com or PM
  5. Those of you that have bought parts listed SOLD has shipped. Please check your PM box for tracking numbers. Thanks again, Tom
  6. Brian, PM sent with your Fed-Ex tracking number. Thanks again, Tom
  7. Thanks Brian. Got the MO. Springs should go out tomorrow, via FED-EX. Thanks again, Tom
  8. Brain, PM sent. Last reply fine with me. Working 2nd shift, hard to reply until early A.M. Tom
  9. Greg, I knew you would like the car. As far as the SC/TB/Airbox, I know they were in the back seat behind the drivers seat. Me and my wife had to move things around in the car to get everything to fit and to prevent those items being loaded outside of the car. I did try many times to get the driver to go over everything with me and inventory the items inside and out of the car. He said that he didn't even know about anything except to pick up the car. He had no idea about other parts like the tires/wheels, etc. until I told him I was running home to get them. When I came back I had to unload my truck and put everything on the flat bed myself. He wouldn't even take the time to help me nor go over what I had brought. I am very sorry about the SC. I take it that you did find the other items you said was missing? If you want the SC/TB/Airbox I have, it came out of an 08 GT500 and has less than 50 miles on it. I will sell it for what I paid for it, $700.00 plus whatever the shipping charge would be. If you want the shifter and hurst setup i'll take $350.00 plus shipping. If you see anything else you want let me know. Again, I am very sorry for your loss. I would take it up with the trucking company and your insurance company if I were you. As you well know, you got a $70,000 car (w/25K in upgrades) for $47,600. I don't think you can do that everyday. I wish you the best of luck. Tom
  10. Someone make me an offer on the Supercharger. :D
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