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  1. I'm OCD as well and used to do my own maintenance. Time, age, whatever; but, I got lucky with my dealership. First off, both '13 & '14 GT500s were at MSRP. And both were ordered to my specs, not off the lot. They've offered me a GT350 at MSRP. The service people are car guys and gal as well. When the car goes up on the lift, I'm allowed around and under it to check out the vehicle.
  2. Go back and get at least get a quote. You pick the time interval for maintenance (ie: 5k, 7,500k, etc.) Look at your owner's manual, when the schedule says replace air fitler, they replace it, cabin filter, they replace it. On the GT500, I know it's going to need brakes and a clutch before 75k. All covered.
  3. No, it's not excluded. I have the plan for my GT500. There's a box that gets checked off for synthetic oil. The plan does charge a little more for it; but, so worth it. That is if it's a daily driver I should add. My GT500 is and I put about 9-10k miles a year on, so every 5k the oil gets changed. It covers clutch disc, brake pads, etc. At least get a quote for one on your car, you might be surprised.
  4. Greatly appreciate the offer of a ride, thanks! And don't worry, there's no looking at any Grand Sports for this boy!
  5. They picked up their car but didn't want to beat on her. Once the break end period was reached the low end torque issue raised its ugly head. The cooling situation hasn't helped either. Why buy a 16 base/ tech car when the 17 has the coolers and with more options. I think you guys may have saved me some money. After having an '08 GT500, a '13 GT500 and now a '14 GT 500 w/ glass roof, I was very seriously thinking of moving into a GT350. The one thing that was holding me back was the lack of the glass roof. Don't laugh, once you've had one, it's hard to go back to a dark interior. But, I didn't realize the lack of torque down low. That's one of things that makes the 500 so fun around town. Squeeze and shoot!
  6. At that price, wouldn't it pay to buy the Ford Premium Maintenance Plan? I've had it on all of my GT500's. Oil change (full synthetic) every 5k miles. Covers the clutch disc and the Brembo brake pads as well.
  7. Not only this; but, the Nav Package does so much more. Between the dual zone heat, radio & phone controls plus 5 day weather outlook, it's a pretty neat package. I didn't have it on my '13; but, made sure I ordered it on my '14. I'm 50 and still using a Flintstone phone, so I can't say I wouldn't use it if I had a smart phone; but, I love it.
  8. Truer words have never been spoken! Well stated.
  9. Mine had 6.6 when it came off the truck. Pre-Delivery Inspection put another 3 1/2 miles on her and then she had to go to the body shop for a paint blem repair. At this point, it is what it is.
  10. I just don't see these cars demanding the ADM's anymore. I think MSRP to order a car exactly to your specs is a good deal for both dealer and buyer. But, a 20k ADM on a Black on Black GT500, they're dreaming. I'll bet there are close to a hundred of them available out there right now. That's the most common color combo. For what it's worth, I had the chance to buy a Ruby Red coupe loaded for a grand under sticker. I would of jumped on it; but, my allocation came through and got exactly what I wanted. So, yes, there are some deals out there.
  11. Just what I was thinking. It's the '60's all over again! I wonder if they'll find weld marks from roll bars being installed after a weekend rental!
  12. Sorry to take so long to answer you back. The TSB was for the top on the '07's and '08's. The '09's had the new designed top. I forget what the TSB number was; but, I don't think you'll have to look too hard to find. Thanks for the trunk mat BTW.
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