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  1. grabber - how is the ride with the new setup or did i miss that report somehow? - do you know why ford set up the gt500 with the rake built in? - and btw the cars looking awesome ken
  2. Before Jer customer service had a HUGE hole, then Jer filled that hole and excelled at it. Now Jer is gone which means SPP don't give a@?£% about customer service. Good luck Jer They can't take your axe away though.
  3. i know it gets real hot under there without the coating. jet hot will also coat the insides of the headers that way all the heat goes out the exhaust where it belongs. good luck on that. great mod.
  4. as far as i know the ford GT cam is the only upgrade, The useful power is at a higher rpm band. not gonna get the lopey idle though,
  5. just my 02 cents but will reducing the tire pressures give a little more traction??
  6. sorry , the site would only let me post one pic. here are both jammers
  7. you are going to need a pair of laser jammers also. By the time your detector lets you know you have been hit with laser smokey already has a reading on you. you have to jam the laser then back her down. You can build the diodes in, see pics attached. Good luck
  8. http://www.foxnews.com/leisure/2013/08/15/last-ford-mustang-shelby-gt500-sells-for-500000/?intcmp=obinsite our shelbys are now a limited edition run that ford told us back in 2007?
  9. i wasnt a big fan of the widebody till i saw yours.. OMG ,unbelievable, cant stop looking at the pics,hope you will post some more when you do some trips. I sure wouldnt want to see this beast coming at me in my rearview mirror.. congratulations!!
  10. not sure if you know about the shelby replacement. they do offer a heavy duty 200amp version. just a thought and i dont speak from experience though. good luck.http://www.shelbystore.com/Shelby-GT500-Alteranator-p/s7m-10300.htm
  11. I am thankful for the freedom we enjoy everyday, Thanks to guys and gals like you. Congratulations !
  12. congratulations. don't let her sit in the garage like i do.Carroll says they have to be driven!! have fun.
  13. so i really suck at posting/copy/paste/clipboard/etc. but i finally got this article in which i have not seen on the ts site yet. If it is a double post i apologize, but i also know we have all been chomping at the bit waiting on JER to release details. all the best for 2013 ts Shelby American Announces New Wide-Body Kits for S197 by Amie Williams on December 27, 2012 0Comments Wide-body Ford Mustangs have been quite the rage lately, especially with Galpin Auto Sports and their amazing widened creations. They have had a few wide-body Shelby vehicles to show off at the past few SEMA shows in Las Vegas. Shelby American just announced that they are now offering wide body kits for the 2005-2009 S197 platform Mustang only at this time. They will accept any model within that year range – V6, GT, and Shelby GT500. These kits will widen the rear a whole 6-inches and 3-inches in the front. The kit is made of lightweight fiberglass so it won’t add much weight to the car at all. You also have choices here – you can install the whole complete package with rear body components along with custom-designed 20-inch wheels and tires, or there is the option to install just the rear package kit only. The wheels come in 20×10 front and 20×13 rear, with front 265/35/R20 tires, and rear 345/35/R20 tires. That’s a lot of rubber! This new kit by Shelby American is listed at $17,995 for the complete wide-body kit. You also know that your car is in good hands with the company that the man himself helps create from the ground up. What do you get exactly? The Shelby Mustang Widebody Package consists of Front quarter panels (additional 3-inches), Rear quarter panels (additional 6-inches), Front
  14. ok i am going to chime in only because i seem to remember that back in the 2007-2008 days when this was a problem and someone took their backseat out and carpet and had a buddy lay back there and i believe they discovered that the attachment point for the uca was flexing like a sardine can creating the clunk. I dont know what the fix was and i am no expert but i can only imagine how irritating that is. Good luck mr madlock and happy thanksgiving everyone. ken
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