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  1. Hi O8SGT1234, i was thinking the same thing as being my final alternative if I couldn't find online first. Thank you,
  2. Hi Bike Boy, I already contacted SAI in LV they said they are obsolete same as some of the fender and grill badging. I haven't tried Tasca Ford or Scott Drake as of yet. I was looking at SD website and couldn't find anything. The only gas cap ring I found online was for the Special Edition.
  3. My Shelby was damaged in a rear end collision .Searching for a gas cap ring that fits my 2007 40th Anniversary Shelby CSM NO. 07XL0395.
  4. Does anybody have a spare 40th Anniversary aluminum trim ring that goes around the rear faux gas cap that they would be willing to sell? Also the badging for the front grill?
  5. Go to the Valley of Fire here's a link http://parks.nv.gov/vf.htm
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