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  1. You can buy direct from Ford on their website and you will pay MSRP for the ESP. Most dealers sell above MSRP but like buying the car they are very negotiable and more so if you are buying later after you buy the car. Ford has a great payment plan also for their ESP policies with 100% approval rate!
  2. [Very cool> Did you have your wheels chromed or did you buy them some where?
  3. [Great day for the bikers and toys for tots......We did a toys for tots event the 1st Saturday of December in north Dallas with the Cobra and Mustang club also. Another great day with lots of toys for the kids........
  4. Going to be even nicer the next couple days with 70 degrees on Tuesday........feel sorry for you northern folks especially the East with all that snow.......
  5. If you are going to buy a Ford ESP get the Premium Care not the Base Care.
  6. Just a F&I Department Profit Generator!!! If you want to protect the car spend the money on a Ford ESP (Premium Care)
  7. Love the sound.......put these on my GT500 with EVO Stage II and the sound is awesome!
  8. Who's fuel injection is that as they look like weber carbs?
  9. I use to clean the Kirkham FIA with stainless sink cleaner which worked pretty well. Once in a while I needed to take a scratch pad to it but at the end of the day didn't like the bare aluminum. If I would of kept the car it would of been painted. Was wondering if the CSX7000 rollers (fiberglass) are more expensive than the CSX 4000 now CSX 6000 fiberglass cars? There are a bunch of rollers CSX 4000/6000 cars out there for $ 49K and now I have seen a few at $ 47K ie pretty much done except for the motor, trans, MSD and bolt on stuff. Is the CSX 7000 more than these???
  10. Did you go through one of the Shelby dealers or direct to Shelby in Las Vegas for the CSX7000. I want to do one as had a Kirkham FIA in the past and hated the bare aluminum.
  11. I like the front end of the 2010 and the fact that it doesn't seem to have the heat soak concern the 07-09 have so Ford must of put a bigger heat exchanger or changes in the cooling system on the 2010. I also agree the 07-09 overall look much better and you would be better served to take the money it would take to trade up and update your current GT500.
  12. I also like the look.........how do you like the 3:73s?
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