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  1. Hi All, I have the original type Shelby GT Brake Duct Kit on my car, the second series, not the fiberglass ones. Unfortunately the right one has cracked. Does anyone know what type of plastic these were made from? I am wanting to repair the crack, but need to know the plastic type so I don't ruin it with the wrong type of glue or plastic repair. If you have any suggestions, I would greatly appreciate it. Also, if anyone has an original right side Brake dust they would like t sell, I am interested. Thanks, Robert
  2. I bought a set from the "partsfinder" seller on eBay. They are really nice and appear to be completely legit. The first set I received had a scratch on the blue bar, emailed the guy, he asked me to send them back and I had a new set within a couple of days. I paid $100 for them.
  3. The only part on the front end that is not a V6/GT is the front bumper cover as it is off the CS GT and of course the grill is a Shelby part. Other than that, I would call BS.
  4. After reading everyone's experiences and other info that I found, I decided to use the Road Warrior Plus. This stuff is awesome! I applied it before my trip up to Charlotte for the 50th celebration and I could not be happier with the way it went on, how it performed and how easy it was to remove. It was scary at first looking at the white material thinking I am going to paint my car with this stuff using a roller! But it went on as advertised and came off just as they said it would. The only thing I would do different is to use painters tape to make a line where you want the stuff to stop. I did this when i painted the stripes on the roof but not not not the hood. When I painted the hood first, as I painted the material on with the roller, it feathered out toward the edges. This made getting the feathered part off more difficult than the material I applied on the roof. I highly recommend it!
  5. Does anyone have real world experience with the Road Wrap temporary road film product? I am planning on using it for my drive to the Mustang 50th Anniversary. My concern is if it would create any problems for my stripes when I remove it. I will take it off when I get to Charlotte and then re-apply for the drive back to Atlanta.
  6. I will be heading up from Atlanta for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Staying at the Courtyard Marriott.
  7. Jet, Are the backing plates, hoses and clamps available? Thanks, Robert
  8. The Ford Racing Hot Rod Cams are supercharger compatible and if you adjust the pulley and/or the tune, I think you will be fine with the motor. I would definitely recommend that you get a custom performance tune on the dyno considering the changes you have made.
  9. Are you looking for a better exhaust note are you wanting to get that lopy idle? I have the Ford Hot Rod Cams and love the way the car idles and the sound I get from the exhaust. I have had a lot of people tell me they like the sound even though I still have the Shelby exhaust setup.
  10. Mike, are you willing to part with the Tan floor mats? I have a 2007 SGT with tha tan interior and would like to get an extra set. Thanks, Robert
  11. Was the discount a sale they were having or is there a discount code?
  12. I can't recommend them on my own specific experience, but the Georgia Regional Mustang Club (which i belong to) has a great relationship with them, and we have never bad any issues with members getting work done there. They are a Fod Racing shop so you should be fine.
  13. .. Count me in as interested if you decide to sell. Thanks! Robert
  14. Hi Jer, How about adding the Black Lower Billet grill for the Shelby GT? Thanks, Robert
  15. I have the CS40 20x10 on the rear with the two piece Baer Rotors and the stock caliper relocation bracket. They clear nicely but the Extremes will not fit.
  16. I bought the Extremes during the last sale they had on them which was a couple hundred dollars higher than this sale. You will not be disappointed! Be careful the first time you step on the brake pedal, it is firm, does not require much travel and will stop the car like it was glued to the ground. Of the upgrades I have made, the Extremes are one of my favorites. I did install the larger rotors on the back as well. Enjoy them, they will be worth the time in the dog house!
  17. I am a. If fan and long time user of Meguiars, although, to me, most of the high end and popular waxes all do a very good job. I have been using the Clay bar, polish and the Next Tech wax on my white car and am very happy with the results. I did see they have made a specific line for white cars that I may try next just to see how it works.
  18. Does anyone have the Black / Silver CS40 Wheels on a White Shelby? I am thinking about swapping my wheels for a set of those but was hoping to find a picture of them on a car. Thanks, Robert
  19. You asked for an opinion, so here goes. The paint work looks really nice, but to me, it no longer has the souk of a Shelby GT. it looks like a Chip Foose mod car (I am no fan of Chip Foose design). Do whatever makes you and your wife happy, it's your car, but to me it just does not seem right. I am sure the candy apple red stripes will look fantastic, but as I said, it looses the soul of a Shelby GT. BTW, love the CS40 wheels!
  20. The reason I went with the 20"s was to fit the Baer Brakes. I did go with a staggered setup as I liked the look.
  21. Before you start, which version of the hood scoop do you have? It makes a big difference as the original scoop is not riveted on, it actually has 8 bolts underneath the scoop holding it on. If you have the replacement scoop, 2nd and 3rd gen. they were riveted on. I have pics of my original scoop being replaced if you need them for reference. Robert
  22. 2008 and newer cars used the new 12mm spark plugs which I do not think had the breaking problem that the older 16mm plugs had.
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