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  1. Hey Keith I told you there was a Big Foot crossing in Pikes Peak. SLOW DOWN !!!!
  2. Well here is the kid again speeding up Pikes Peak. Speed Phenom at it again. Cool pictures of Colorado for sure. Hey .....Keith Big Foot crossing sign also ... He keeps saying get it out and drive it...can’t argue there ...that’s what Carroll Shelby always said Enjoy. You all
  3. Looks really good with those rims. Me likey. Ford did an excellent job on the 2019 mustang in my book. Fastback looks amazing. Kind of like a 6 series BMW. Anyone else on here have one ? Hey Tim lets see your car . There must be more especially the 2020 GT500.
  4. Ok I’m thinking about it real hard........ .......NOT. To be honest I could probably get $90K but not interested in making a buck. Waited to long for this sucker. It’s everything they said it would be for $72K out the door. I wish it came with miles on her ....
  5. Well so far they have only made about 2750 C8’s for 2020. The plant shut down and there is no word on future opening just yet.
  6. Well here is the young kid. The Speed Phenom. Remember he had the 2020 Shelby GT500. Well he’s at it again . He put 500 miles on her in one day and it’s been 17 days and I’m not there yet. Oh well here yah go 0 to 60 yep 2.8 seconds https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=OjAOkdeXQI8
  7. The C8 taken in this low position doesn’t do the car any justice. Some cars in certain angles cut off sections of the cars body. This makes it look weird imo. This is one of them. Since we are not 3 feet tall this isn’t an image we see at the dealership. We have all heard the statement “ the car looks much better in person “
  8. Morning all. ... hope you all are doing fine. Mongoose I will sent you some sun tomorrow. Wax on wax off on that lead sled Lincoln. Keith did you run into Bigfoot yesterday. Teach him how to ride one of your bombs. Spring has hit Atlanta area. Had the AC on already..Glad I sold my black car because the pollen is horrible. It’s like baking flour except yellow. Gets on everything. Got to find another house project soon. Tes hows the green monster doing ? Anybody get anything interesting recently? New rides are always welcome.... Boom anything new with the C7 ZL1 ?
  9. True story ( just now ) I’m on a 2 lane road holding 3rd gear and putting the power down up to 4500 rpm. Putting some pressure on the cylinders. Behind me a white BMW 2 series keeping up with me. Come up to the light.turn left the BMW gets held up. Now on a 4 lane road road and the BMW catches up. Doing around 38mph in a 40 and pulls next to me thumbs up ( cool guy all smiles ) Then he floors it takes off. 5 seconds later ....Oh no a cop comes speeding around me hits his lights and pulls over the BMW. Felt sorry for him he was probably doing 55 in a 40. This car brings out the speeding urge in people. Obviously none of us saw the cop. This car gets a ton of attention and lots of people in their pickups go speeding by me all the time. Yeah you are fast now slow down. Crazy behavior in a heavy patrolled cop area. I guess I’m doing my part to keep the city in the black. ....
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