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  1. Mongoose that should be a great 4th of July for you all. Always great have your grandchild and kids over for some BBQ .Enjoy your pool and slide. Finally summer time for you all. Here is another Hot Wheels Boss that’s kind of cool
  2. Hey cool set just ordered on Ebay for my grandson. Pool time for Will . Rented a 6 bedroom home on St Simons Island with a pool . Hot hot hot
  3. Not a fan of stripes on corvettes but yes it’s a grey stripe you can order. Stripes belong on Shelby’s in my book. Always have always will.
  4. Happy father’s day .....to all the Shelby Dad’s out there. My son got me this cool T.shirt. FYI ....Ford vs Ferrari on HBO today . I’ll watch it again on surround sound ....
  5. Yeah the tear drop hood was functional and cool back in the 60’s. Nice pick there Mongoose. Happy father’s day to all the fathers out there. I guess you could say this resin C8 model was a father’s gift to myself. Pictures are a bit blurry because I had to resize from my iPad.
  6. Hey do you put on a mask at restaurants ? 

  7. Ok check this video out. The Shelby just sounds louder and faster. Because it is ......skip to 25:00 and enjoy the ride .Yeah I owned a C8 and it’s just too quite unless you are constantly at WOT boys and girls . Both these cars used will be one heck of a bang for the buck.
  8. Hey I really like that set. I wish I had the room to display such a cool piece.
  9. SpaceX successful launch today. Congrats to all involved.
  10. You rarely see a 69 Boss without high back bucket seats. Yes the high back seats were an option and they look much better. Cool video and thanks.
  11. You know Ford said they wanted to sell the current GT Ford to people that would drive them . Since 2017 I haven’t seen one at a car show or on the highway. What’s the total production so far anyone know ?
  12. Wow barely any leaves on the trees yet. Boy you have long winters for sure. Hey buddy you have a slight gap on the hood scoop ...nothing to worry about I’ve seen a lot worst. That was a major problem back in 2007. Just busting your chops bud .....
  13. Enjoy your Memorial Weekend everyone....
  14. To each his own. ... where the heck is Keith ? Canada Dry man.
  15. The supply chain had problems so they went to the parts bin for the remainder of 2020 .....
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