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  1. Yeah it’s kind of like a Ferrari. You put any red Ferrari next to any other color and the red Ferrari just stands out. No contest.
  2. Didn’t they sound amazing ? Pure music 🎶 to the ears. I put on a sportscar race and my wife doesn’t get the beautiful sound coming from the surround sound I have set up on the TV. Oh well but she does go to the Daytona 24 every year. Slow progress. Tiny steps as they say. This is the first time she got involved with the ordering ordeal on the C8 . Made me proud to be honest. She is slowly getting hooked .
  3. Keith ....as James May said he was driving very carefully around in that 26 million pound Ferrari on the very narrow road in Europe. ...Ive been watched the gang in Top Gear ( BBC ) for a ton of years. Very funny show with a ton of cool car stuff like the “ Stig “.All 3 can drive the wheels off any car they get behind. Oh and Richard Hammond ( guy on the far left ) loves old mustangs he owns a few over in Europe.
  4. If interested here is more detail on the Exoto model . Lots of pictures. One interested tidbit see those rear tail lights . They are straight off a Corvair . So GM had a little to do with the LeMans win..... https://www.diecast.org/diecast98/html/asp/list_reviews/xq/ASP/id.EX10010/qx/reviewpix.htm
  5. Here she is in all her glory. Car # 2 the 1966 Ford GT 40 that won Le Mans in 1966 It’s too bad this forum is limited in pixels. Because there is so much detail you can’t see. This model is hugh over 17” long and very heavy . It’s one of the finest mass produced diecast ever made by any company . This model was produced by Exoto for $998 back in 90’s . Today they fetch between $1600 and some as high as $5900 signed by Shelby himself. The exoto site has them retired and a value of $9900. Maybe someday.
  6. Here are the facts. Ford VS Ferrari. Enjoy. Edit : I own the #2 Ford GT ......1:10 scale diecast model however.........
  7. Here is Fords pavilion at Road Atlanta and here is mine. ......at a recent oil and gas expo ..... ...... I’m in the big leagues now .....
  8. Why the delay anyone know on here. I thought they would have had one at Road Atlanta last week. This is what I saw on Thursday one little small tent for Ford . Not one car was present. . All the other pavilions Toyota, Lexus , Cadillac , Mazda ,Chevy, AMG ,BMW and more were packed with cars and reps. Even a diecast vender has a bigger display .........
  9. I almost forgot what my order looked like until I saw this on the other C8 forum. It was on display recently. Sure wish they would have had that one at Road Atlanta last week. Ah Road Atlanta in the morning before the cars hit the track...so peaceful
  10. Yep and 99.9% of my driving is under 80mph. Lots of 0 to 60 to be honest. Seat of the pants makes for a fun street car . Country roads curves and downshifting again under 65 mph. To be honest I sold my 16 GT350 because it felt slow on the street. Low end grunt was not there. Nobody home ...Torque didn’t come on until 4000 rpms. Could not use the 8200 rpm on the street. Never tracked it and wasn’t going to.
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