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  1. The rear springs are 6% softer according to Car and Driver. Basically you won’t notice but the more expensive tires will help on the track for sure. They also did a Mustang GT pp2 VS. Camaro SS 1le. 1st place the Camaro but not by much. Both cars are getting up in age and now approaching $51K as tested. They did say the 19 camaro front has been fixed for 2020. Boy that 19 front design didn’t last long. The 2020 GT500 front might get the same response the 19 SS received . Not everyone warmed up to it. Still need to see the 2020 GT500 in person before I comment Some people have said just paint the center bumper the same color as the car ....like the SS camaro did for 2020 Or just buy a black car ...lol
  2. Mongoose..it looks like they forgot the other section of the stripe ....no likey. ..On sale for $40K. I know for a fact Jim Tidwell ford in Marietta Ga is discounting a 2019 GT premium $44K MSRP mustang by $9754 on their web site. Not a fan of stripes unless it’s on a Shelby. Even then not a fan of rocker panel stripes on the current style mustangs. Heck I saw a 2014 Shelby GT500 black convertible without stripes and didn’t realize it was a Shelby. I had to take a second look 👀 . So the 06/14 Shelby’s I think need those stripes IMO. All 67,000 (including the SGT and SGT-H ) ....whew that’s getting up there in numbers. Lots of good used ones out there to choose from. Happy shopping 🛍
  3. Father’s Day gift.....I got this cool T from my son , daughter in law and kids and yes the two grandkids call me Papa.
  4. Chris... I agree we do all miss our dads on father’s day. Fond memories are what keep our dads forever in our thoughts I know when we lost our little dog that replacing her helped with the sadness. Maybe in time you can find that little fellow to help with your loss. Later slo lane.
  5. Couple more cars from the cruise. 1967 Corvette 327/350 hp 4 speed . 1970 jaguar E Type 4.2 all original with air. The owner was asking $50K. Not to many jags at the cruise. That’s why it caught my eye. Something of interest was they announced over the PA that 10 years ago in similar weather 500+ cars would show up. This Saturday 200 cars showed up. I know for a fact two of my friends no longer attend because of health issues. Not sure why the younger crowd isn’t picking up the slack with their 80’s and 90’s cars. But it appears they aren’t.
  6. Went to a cruise Saturday and saw this 1971 240 Z from my past. It’s all restored and brings back cool memories from 1971. I bought a used 1971 Datsun 240Z back in 1971. I was dated my wife in that Z car at the time. Third picture shows my future wife and a yellow Z in Ft lauderdale fla . The last picture shows the car was painted Steel cities gray ( 71 Corvette color ) I was hit in a car accident and had the car repaired and painted .( his fault and no injuries) .They were so rare back then other drivers would wave at you like Corvettes do. The guy who designed the Z car is no longer with us but his cool ass design is. It sure is a classic that is starting to catch on in the collector market from what I’ve read .
  7. Love it Mongoose. You are the legend. Happy Father’s Day. On this Father’s Day I’m watching the college World Series. Back in 2002 I got to watch my son pitch for Ga Tech in the college World Series. I’ve told him today that was my best Father’s Day ever. Memories are all we have in life. Enjoy every moment. I wonder if Keith today with his boys bought a bad ass car today.
  8. spoiler alert ...24 hours LeMans GTE. PRO.....Ferrari beats Ford this time Results ....Ferrari , Porsche ,Porsche GTE. AM. Ford GT wins ... Private entry WYNN’S .... Results ....Ford , Porsche , Ferrari This opens the door for the Ford GT next year for customer cars racing against the C8R ..... Can’t wait until the Daytona next January...we go every year. C8R vs Ford GT. Priceless
  9. I knew it....your cover is blown Have a great day there buddy...Watch your speed. .....take your check book.
  10. 24 hours of LeMans still running....no results here because some of you are sleeping in or watching it later. Most GTE. PRO cars on the same lap....now that amazing after 23 hours and 45 minutes. Just amazing GTE AM. is interesting and might have a great race in 10 more minutes ...go Ford ...private entry The Wifey is making me eggs Benedict for breakfast.....Father’s Day routine.
  11. That’s a plan there Chris. I bet you have driven the K-man more then G ....that thing got a Hemi ? .... Again nice to have you back and your back. Mongoose taught me that. Later slo lane on a slo day. ....
  12. My big size 12 hooves doesn’t make down shifts easy with out rev match. ..... Mr Gurney was like 6’4” that’s why the Gurney bubble on the Ford GT40 at LeMans back in the 60’s. I understand the C8 will have a little more room inside then the C7. So that thing got a HEMI. .....cool. ...
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