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  1. SpaceX successful launch today. Congrats to all involved.
  2. You rarely see a 69 Boss without high back bucket seats. Yes the high back seats were an option and they look much better. Cool video and thanks.
  3. You know Ford said they wanted to sell the current GT Ford to people that would drive them . Since 2017 I haven’t seen one at a car show or on the highway. What’s the total production so far anyone know ?
  4. Wow barely any leaves on the trees yet. Boy you have long winters for sure. Hey buddy you have a slight gap on the hood scoop ...nothing to worry about I’ve seen a lot worst. That was a major problem back in 2007. Just busting your chops bud .....
  5. Enjoy your Memorial Weekend everyone....
  6. To each his own. ... where the heck is Keith ? Canada Dry man.
  7. The supply chain had problems so they went to the parts bin for the remainder of 2020 .....
  8. Political in nature ? .....Perhaps. I wouldn’t post it.
  9. Mongoose. ......MO TOWN. Sound. All the great artist Smokey Robertson . Temptations . Four tops and Mitch Rider and the Detroit Wheels. Just to name a few.
  10. Hey Mongoose cool place for sure. Yes old Carroll Shelby was a wheeler dealer in his day. Lucky for us most of his deals panned out.But then again some didn’t. He almost struck a deal with GM to use their small block . The brass at GM didn’t want another car competing with their Corvette. So the deal was squashed before it got any traction. Good thing or we might not have had the GT 350. Funny thing is the Cobra not only competed with the Corvette it beat it at the race track. Ok later. Slo lane.
  11. Oh don’t get me wrong they are one of the most beautiful mustangs ever designed to this day. Actually my favorite mustangs of all of them. The sound and the look is just pure art work. If I had the room I would own another one. Had like 5 1970 boos and mach 1 cars in the past. Just like you Mongoose. Love them still a lot. Maybe some day I’ll own number 6.
  12. This 1:18 scale by ERTL mustang Boss 302 was very popular back in the 80’s. The diecast has held up pretty good all these years. No rash in the paint. It’s been played with a lot by the grandkids. Had a few of the real deals over the years. Today they would be considered slow as hell. But they got the look and the sound. One of my favorite mustangs designs of all time . Just an icon in my book Enjoy you All
  13. Back in the 80’s those were the models I collected a lot . Boss302 and Shelbys were plentiful.
  14. Super nice ride for sure enjoy her. .
  15. I’m not sure where all the gals are Mongoose. But we shall see if any join us over the next couple of months. On the HP subject........Where I live ( on the street ) you can’t possibly use more then 600hp if your car weighs less then 3700lbs. 700 hp if your car weighs more 4200Lbs. Having a slow car that you can push to its limits is sometimes more fun on the street. Having a fast car that you can’t use it’s limits is boring on the street. So all this HP cost money. The new Shelby GT 500 with the ADMs is around $102K. That’s the going rate according to my local Ford dealership. That’s a base GT500. I’m sure when the Z06 opens its order banks it starts at $85K. So if that’s the case a lot people will shop the used car market. Lots of Shelby’s and GM products to choose from. It’s going to be a candy store of performance vehicles to choose from. Yes it’s going to be fun owning these cars at reasonable prices. Then eventually those high hp cars will be on the used car lot. Lots of choices down the road to choose from. Glad I live in this period of time and have the means to participate without breaking the bank.
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