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  1. On 7/18 we will see the buck naked machine. Meanwhile I’ll just keep throwing clips up here as they become meaningful. Hopefully a strip teaser from GM might help . I’m signed up for emails but nothing yet. So post whatever floats your boat. WTH is BB ? I keep bugging him but no response. Ok later. Slo lane . So Keith have you decided on your next ride yet ? Mongoose did you take the SGT out on Sunday ? I know the bunny ate a lot of greens. Hope they weren’t green backs.
  2. Well what do we have here ..........RED but this has been posted a few months ago. It’s one of my favorites however. The side window treatment is similar to the C7
  3. Just got this rear rendering this AM. Same artist that did the front rendering a few days ago Sorry no red guys .......
  4. This picture looks like a coupe in the center and a convertible on the left and right. Tadge in the red shirt from what I’ve read on the C8 mid-engine forum today. I get a lot of my pictures and info from that forum. That is a fairly new forum with a Good group of mature enthusiasts. The original Corvette forum has gone to hell in a handbasket. Not worth the time to mess with it anymore.
  5. Yes Keith ....the sweep is noticeable and not sure what that’s all about. Looks like a plastic promo corvette that I left out in the sun when I was a child. Not good either way. I see it now that’s a phone and not fries 🍟. The red is his or her shirt Good eye Keith .... Maybe they are searching on google for a better restaurant. Mongoose must be sleeping in or worn out from the Easter bunny yesterday.
  6. What’s it with these McDonald’s stops in Ohio. Don’t these guys have a better choice. Even Tadge goes a long with it. ??? He is in the red shirt. First picture the C7 looks like it sits a little higher ( wheel well openings ) in comparison to the C8. The stance on the C8 is perfect. The 7/18 /19 date is still on the cars. Are they eating French fries in that mule ?... ...last picture...... Some mules have the rear spoilers and some don’t ..... interesting...... You guys see anything else in these pictures ?
  7. Yep.........I see it now you guys have better eyes then BB does . Second picture isn’t good..... part of the spoiler or fender flair is gone. ........ sorry BB
  8. Sorry fellas ....Silver bullet is faster then re-sale Red. ......
  9. Keith ....maybe in real life the black won’t be so pronounced. The design will have some sort of screen in or around the scoop. Keep the birds out at 202 mph. .... This thing should fly.
  10. Here is the latest up date from the artist .Love silver on all vettes
  11. Thanks Keith. It’s a new life in so many ways. No THC = no high. But I’m sure I wouldn’t complain if it did. ..... You don’t need pain it’s 420 day. . Just head on down to the liquor store and don’t bump your head getting in the Vette. Just another excuse if you need one. ...... ....
  12. Bonnie said you know what day it is ? I said no WHAT. Happy 420 day. . It’s not legal here..... but that CBD oil has stoped my back pain flair ups. FYI...It’s going on 8 months now. Not one episode not ONE. Amazing because I’ve lived with this condition for over 35 years. Orthopedic doctors and all with MRI’s . No more chronic pain and stupid pain meds to put up with anymore . None.... I bet my doctor thinks I passed .....I haven seen her in over a year now. ... Oh well 😔 Disclaimer ..........I don’t take any form of medications .It may not work for everyone or pain but it works for me. It prevents the flair ups or episodes that causes chronic deliberating pain in my lower back.
  13. This is a old renderings I don’t think I ever posted. They are from 1/19 The 360 is kind of cool 😎 As Chris .would say it has less of the folded paper airplane look on the hood Click on below for more pictures and stuff . https://www.corvetteblogger.com/2019/01/09/video-new-c8-corvette-360-degree-render-from-bdsvavars/
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