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  1. Die-Cast collections

    Hey Mongoose how old is that beautiful bird in bird years ? Little Bailey. will be 3 and get this ....born on the 4th of July and doesn’t know what a parrot is. She saw a black snake the other day and ran away. I would have also. If Buddy is the Boss where are his STRIPES. later slow lane.
  2. Die-Cast collections

    Sea hunt. Remember that show. “ Be careful when you dive.” That’s his father . He was in a sienfield episode about being fit as his son...funny as hell ...Izzy mendelbaum
  3. Die-Cast collections

    That’s far out man . Got to get out some more diecast soon.
  4. Die-Cast collections

    I keep the boxes on all 1:18 cars and slot cars. I have sold a few on ebay and you need the box. On old pressed steel toys (1950’s ) a box can increase the value as much as 40% in the collector market. Exoto , GMP type models I also keep out of the sun and in a glass cabinet. My space right now is full and the only way I’d buy something is to make room and sell something . So the boxes are necessary and help secure the model in shipping.
  5. Die-Cast collections

    That’s one cool ass tool chest. How did you get Carroll’s signature ? Did you transport that Hugh cabinet to a Shelby event . Or just take a drawer out and get him to sign that. Either way it’s pretty neat even with Dodge on there. I know I know he did work with Dodge. But to me those were the dark days for performance cars for all companies. You now have two spaces open...... any ideas 💡 How about a mach1 emblem ? Or a Bob Bonderant signature. He does sign items at his school. Call them for instructions they are happy to help. Later slow lane.
  6. Die-Cast collections

    Hey...Mongoose FYI. This isn’t something little Bailey does . .Invite the neighbors cat over and sit on my little 64 GTO. This is what our black cat did back in 1979. Hey come on over Felix and let’s sit a spell. Shot gun ! That’s cat talk for I got the roof seat. That was my first collector car , but those cats could care less. Cat prints all over the car the next day.Thanks fellas . Those are felines for yah.. but I still love em ....maybe ! Three deuces and a 4 speed and a 389 .....I can Still hear that song today. Sun Star makes a 1:18 scale model see below ...it is identical to my old GTO..minus the 🐈 🐈
  7. Die-Cast collections

    Wow I missed that ...it is cool. Now Chris go buy you a 1970 Shelby GT500 and put those letters on the trunk. How’s the temp in the garage.. Got that mustang emblem blacked out yet. That’s a cool wall in your garage. I especially like the PJ boss picture with the 70 and two 69’s . Where did you get that may I ask ? Mongoose gave some flimsy excuse about blowing a hose on his vacuum cleaner or something. He can’t vacuum the house now. He’s probably too busy petting his cat 🐈
  8. Die-Cast collections

    Wow I’m living on the wrong side of the tracks. Air conditioned in the garage ...way cool . Heard it through the grape vine it’s a Shelby air conditioner ...Some guys have everything . I have a small carpet in the garage does that count. Moving on up to the east side.
  9. Die-Cast collections

    Hey Chris .. you got that front emblem plasti dip yet ? Come on boy times a wasting. Or something like that.
  10. Die-Cast collections

    Spend that cash is my motto.
  11. Die-Cast collections

    Mongoose or Fast lane..as the song goes .....“ things go better with Coca Cola “ .....and that’s some cool stuff. I like the 64 corvette hub cap also. Never owned a cougar but would have if the XR7 came around dressed out as a Dan Gurney or PJ model . Sun Star makes this model in 1:18 scale but I don’t have it. Click on the jp2 in blue to see Bud Moore ,Dan Gurney and PJ. The picture really shows how tall Dan was like 6’4”. That’s why the Gurney bubble in the Ford GT MK IV. ...Duh ! The secod jp2 is the add for the XR7 . Cool 😎 “Mercury the Man’s car “ really ! I see a lot more women drivers in the past. Hey mongoose ...now that’s a cat 🐈 in the add. Don’t show it to your little pussy cat. Just teasing u. Baileys first encounter with a cat was ...what the hell is up with all the hissing and stuff ?? 72D5BA0A-8A1D-4E7E-A016-353B935CA273.jp2 CD07779B-39D3-4C11-B0E9-91E84ED9A4FA.jp2
  12. Die-Cast collections

    Here is a 70 Boss #57 by Welly 1:18 scale . I always liked the black out treatment on the rear of the 70 Boss. The big ass blue oval on the race car was cool and many Z/28’s saw it during and after the race. I really like the black out treatment on the current Mustang also
  13. Die-Cast collections

    That looks super and such a simple fix. Plus u stayed inside the lines.
  14. Die-Cast collections

    Mustangcollector .... I corrected some of my information on the Moffat Boss 302. What a remarkable history that car had in Australia. You can google it for some great old and new videos. Until I did a little research I had no idea how famous this Boss 302 is around the world. This car won a remarkable 101 races in its day The car is now in a collection of 70 race cars owned by the Bowden family in Australia. The picture below is from the Goodwood festival of speed back in 2009. Like I said it’s world famous. Ford was involved with this car just as much as the PJ Boss 302 over here. Bud Moore did the work before it was shipped off to Australia. That 302 put out 485 hp back in 1969. It had a Weber carb for every cylinder ! That wasn’t allowed over here. I had a Bud Moore intake on my 70 boss and boy would it bog. I put some race gas in it at Road Atlanta and that helped a little. Last picture there she is in the S’s at Road Atlanta. It had a roll bar and harnessing. For some reason the guy before me put a mach1 fog lights on her. My 1:18 diecast Moffat Boss 302 is now in a glass cabinet with other famous iconic race cars . Things go better with Coca Cola .
  15. Die-Cast collections

    You did the right thing Chris.. When you are finished with it post a few pictures of that bad boy. Those Saleen heritage editions are so Sweeet .
  16. Die-Cast collections

    https://www.pinterest.com/pin/286189751299035308/ This boss 302 was very popular down under . I read that Moffat won 101 races out of 150 over 6 years running this boss .The engine had 485 hp and 8 Weber carbs. It had over 100 different liveries over those years . Look it up on google and you will find some great stories about this car and the driver . The car now is in a collection of 70 race cars in Australia...where else .
  17. Die-Cast collections

    Here comes another one...Acme is releasing the # 38 Boss mustang in the 4th quarter of 2018. I like the #9 better and the minilites . Want to go for a bad ass ride in # 9 ...click below and hang on
  18. Die-Cast collections

    Didn’t realize this almost exact livery was around before. It looks like they moved the Goodyear sticker back and installed the Ford oval. There are a few Different welly boss 302’s out there. I’ve seen pictures of the Coca Cola race car before. I have a 1970 Welly Boss 302 # 57 also. I’ll post more of it tomorrow. Back to the 69 boss driven by Allan Moffat ( Canadian born) . Pictures of the real deal race car below. From what I’ve read this was a gift from Ford Motor Co to Allan Moffat . Bud Moore had his hands on this one . It was shipped to Australia where Moffat raced it. He won a ton of races down under with the BOSS ! It was every bit as poplar there as back in the states.
  19. Die-Cast collections

    Group shot. Downsizing u lose a lot of focus ....sorry .
  20. Die-Cast collections

    Couple more pictures
  21. Die-Cast collections

    Here is a Welly Boss 302 Coca Cola car 1:18 scale very recent release. I collect a lot of old Coca Cola and this was cool. I raised the front end a tad it was sitting pretty low. All Welly’s boss mustangs seem to sit very low in the front.
  22. Die-Cast collections

    Mustangcollector.....Wow that paint is just amazing. The detail is outstanding for this price point. Still looking at all your diecast you posted but had to comment on this right away. Didn’t even know this model existed until now. I think from your pictures this might be a little better paint quality then the Ford GT 40’s 1:18 scale exoto models. I looked on ebay for the price info. Paint technology has come a long way on there resin models. I had a 1970 Shelby GT500. It was red and the owner replaced the gold stripes with white stripes back in 1989. It had white interior also just like your model except it had black hood stripes being it was a 1970. I see a lot of red 69/70 Shelby’s now with white stripes rather then gold. Nice model you have there. Thanks for posting look forward to seeing more. Your pictures really came out great also. edit: ...Your 2008 Shelby GT500 KR black with black ghosts stripes is.... one of my all time favorite Shelby’s Slow lane
  23. Die-Cast collections

    Now that is cool but didn’t have the money for that paint job. Cops would have pulled us over for sure back then .
  24. Die-Cast collections

    Boy is this one nice
  25. Die-Cast collections

    You got your new glasses wow. Actually it had a 318 V/8 with air. That slowed it down. Did you ever close the door on a 70 Cuba. They sound like a old dodge van. That’s my last negative thing I’ll say about Mopar. Just never been a fan. Only owned one dodge and actually the van was very good mechanically. We were just young and stupid kids. We would go wherever the sun was and the van would take us. Camped in that thing. See the square edges on the picture.