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  1. Sorry for so many reviews but blame GM not me. Here’s another video from the invitation to drive a c8 in Nevada . Remember they selected 20 people in the nation to take part. But not me ..... bummer The younger crowd needs to be like her ...excited is the word
  2. Lots of reviews are starting to come in on the production version of the C8. Below is Top Gear verdict from Nevada . Verdict Final thoughts and pick of the range New mid-engined Corvette C8 is a revolution, not evolution We might have had to wait for decades but, after our first session with the C8 on road and track, the wait has been more than worthwhile. It has all the performance we were promised but it also has a presence and character that was unexpected but very welcome. It’s not like the previous Corvette, but it’s also not like any other car you can buy today. It still costs muscle car money and gives you supercar performance. But now it just doesn’t make you work quite so hard to access it. And it’s all the better for that, whatever the diehards might say.In Z51 form, nothing comes close to the performance for the money. But tick a swathe of options and it climbs into the beginning of 911 territory, which makes you think about which one you’d buy. At that price, it also draws comparisons with the new Ford Mustang GT500. But you should ignore those. The GT500 is the finest muscle car you can buy today, and an extraordinary track weapon. But, while the performance numbers might look similar, the C8 is a completely different type of car with a unique character and responses. Both are equally impressive, just in their own ways. It’s like arguing over whether Indian or Chinese food is better.The one major area the C8 does over the GT500 is global availability. While the big Mustang is a US only model, as of 2021, the C8 will be sold in right-hand drive form around the world. That will be the true acid test of how the C8 stacks up – taking on the world’s best in their home markets. Will it win? We are looking forward to finding out.
  3. Couple more pictures with the lights on the tractor trailer model. Pretty cool for such little $ ....Got her running can you smell that diesel fuel . Fred Thompson put the SM 76 tanker together for me that’s why he signed it. It’s not a custom it’s one of his trucks with the box and foam inserts . My favorite all time . The polished aluminum tanks really pop. He got lucky and found this last tanker in his warehouse. He had his guy polish everything including the front grille. I painted the cab and installed the other misc pieces. Put on the original style decals. The exhaust stacks screw on and are pretty firm once in place. A little tricky though.
  4. Mongoose got this B Mack model 61 Tractor trailer on ebay. 14” long and lights up. $10 and shipping cost $10. Matches my Smith Miller B Mack tanker . Now I’ve got to downsize the pictures. What a PITA
  5. Hot lap with one of the instructors at Spring Mountain Part race track. No more mention of oversteer. Again GM has had over 7 months to fine turn the software and suspension settings . Maybe the strike was a blessing after all
  6. Got my partial VIN today. #1906 Confirmed Will be produced week of 3/2. OH YEAH baby. Move em out ...cut em out ...ship em out. . Hopefully it will be good weather when she arrives....top less. Just for Mongoose.... Where the heck is he ? ......anyways Maybe his snow blower took off into into the wild blue yonder. Hey you know just razzing you. Buddy. .ok I’ll stop. ...
  7. Get yourself a C8 and you can pass those left lane fools with a top speed of 194 mph. Blink of the eye and bye bye . No really in Ga if you are not using the far left lane to pass it’s a ticket. They post signs but these fools can’t read or write . Haven’t ever seen anyone get a ticket... why . Because the cops are always sitting in the median with their radar. Another thing I hate and see a lot of are people driving like it’s a skating rink. They weave in and out of traffic passing semis in the far right lane in 3 / 4 lanes of traffic. Just so they can get maybe 3 extra cars ahead maybe.
  8. I got my name slo lane because I used to drive my motorhome in the far right lane. My class A motorhome had a top speed of 76 mph. Because of this I never would use the far left lane on the expressway. Even to pass it just never worked. I downsized to a class C now. Still a V/10 but with a top speed limited at 90 mph. So every so often if two semis are blocking the two right lanes now I can pass with ease. I don’t drive it like a sportscar but I will keep up with traffic now. I added a pan hard bar to the rear suspension and no more wagging the tail when I tow the our suv. No more slo lane. Bought it so my wife could also drive . Well over 4000 miles and over a year now still doing all the driving. That just the way it is I guess ...but at least I get there a little quicker which means a littler less time driving time in a 6 hour stint . Happy wife happy life .
  9. Ok Keith beat yah to this one ....haha. Same event different guy . I wish they would stop using data and test results from back in 7/2019 . This car has undergone a lot of tuning from the engineers over the past 7 + months . GM has said this not me. Also most people buy the NPP adjustable exhaust with comes standard on the Z51. So the true cost of the Z51 package is more like $3800. From my experience you get that amount back when you sell or trade the car over a non Z51 car. No brainer unless you live in a very cold climate and need all season tires and don’t buy corvettes for performance.
  10. Hey Keith didn’t realize you posted this just before I did. Thanks. Bud below are the current cars they use at the GM Spring mountain Park race track. Keith did you get to experience the ZL 1 drive event ?
  11. This Is a repeat of Keith post above. Didn’t see his post. ...sorry Keith you beat me to it ..... Well here is part two of the dad and his son C8 experience out in Nevada . There were 20 people invited to the GM first driver event. John the co creator of the Mid Engine C8 and these two gents. Bottom picture are the cars at the Spring Mountain Park race track . The group got to drive these cars at the track the second day . I was going to post the write up but it’s just to long . Needless to say they had a ball and the C8 Z51 doesn’t disappoint in its track ability. Here is the quote from John a participant at the event .“ As I was leaving I asked one of the instructors there to rate how fast on the 2.2 mile track we just experience was the C7 Z06 compared to the C8 Stingray. His response, “the C8 is a touch faster IMO.” There you go no need to say anything else IMO .
  12. Sure does look kind of like a Ferrari built like that. But hey if you buy a performance sportscar get the performance package Right ? Z51 all the way . Haven’t seen a C8 with the C side scoop body color in awhile......not bad. I too like the Z51 rear spoiler on the back. Too plane Jane without it. Those two work well together. It’s nice to get your son into cars ...which he obviously he has done . ...and appears to know more then pop.
  13. Omg that looks like WORK. Burrr on top of it .....yikes I like working in shorts Mongoose not overalls. ... That looks like a windshield out of a 747 ...what the heck. Does that have a built in radar system for your flight plan. . How many total inches is that ? . I don’t see the collies anywhere . Are they buried under the drifts looking for squirrels ? I thought Keith had it bad with snow but you are a close second...You guys and your snow. Holy cow.
  14. Ok here is a video with a father and son team . A typical ok dad but ....This is not a pre production car it the test fleet built with the same specs they are building as I write. I sure love that small block sound don’t you all ? No performance test here just father and son fooling around having fun. The son keeps correcting his father kind of funny. . Hope you enjoy . Remember this is not a Z51 with better tires and gearing so the acceleration times will be slower. Plus the guy didn’t use launch control. Not too shabby considering. The car does have 944 miles on her. So she is at full specs break in already done. Tomorrow these guys will get to drive Z51 cars at the spring mountain track. Then we can get numbers on 0 to 60 times.
  15. This is a write up from the mid engine forum . The administrator of the forum was invited to a two day drive in LasVagas by GM .John is a car guy ....not a journalist or GM employee .He is like us ......enjoy This is the only other forum I’m on besides Shelby . It’s a no nonsense forum if you bring crap to it you are tossed ....no BS allowed The video below is John’s start up and a few revs from yesterday’s event . I know it’s a long read but worth it. “You pick your superlative, and driving the C8 is better than that, whether you just beat your golf handicap by five strokes; finished the most flavorful and tender steak you have ever had; sat on the best beach watching a wonderful sunrise; or just spent the day on a friend’s yacht going close haul in a stiff breeze. Driving the C8 is better than all of those and candidly, a hell of a lot easier than driving my superlative C7 Z06 was I just completed GM’s “C8 FirstDrive” first day program. Thanks to my being a co-founder of the www.MidEngineCorvette.com for that being the basis of my GM invite to this two-day program. We drove the C8‘s in the beautiful splendor of the Valley of Fire and on similar country roads not far from Las Vegas. It was a superlatively fun experience. Piloting a C8 is both a really friendly experience and a most satisfying one. Yet it is exhilarating — for it is as if your driving skills just got improved. It is so comfortable, yet so capable too. And yet a silver lining of the strike, the cars we are driving now have some improved software/system refinements since six months ago when the first reviewers evaluated them, i.e., some of the DCT, ECU, steering, braking, and suspension software systems have been refined since the C8’s first media tests six months ago. The strike’s extra two months of C8 development had so many downsides, yet had one silver lining! Driving a C8 is totally instinctive. It is so much easier to consequently have your driving be much more precise. Coupled with the far better forward visibility, you can carve country corner apex’s close to perfectly (and I am far from a competitive racer). Again, I can’t wait to get onto the track tomorrow at Spring Mountain. Just driving today around in either a calm or a very spirited pace, you get to concentrate on the minutiae of setting up your car for each corner — WITHOUT YOUR EVEN REALIZING YOU ARE DOING THAT for your eyes, brain, hands and feet are all together around the center of gravity all together; thus you and the car are so easily coordinated without your thinking about what you are doing. At the same time, especially for those of us who have always driven a manual trans before (me owning 53 vehicles in a row), you are the furthest from being bored, instead feeling, “so this is how easy driving such a fast sports car can be.” We learned in our first educational session today that Harlan drives his C8’s DCT exclusively in manual Trans mode. Even today my first day, with the exception of returning to rush hour traffic on Las Vegas Blvd, I was 80% in manual mode — and once I really get used to C8 , I will be living in manual trans mode too. I also love that you can easily and on the fly change the “quickness” of the DCT’s shifts through the driving mode control. Want you trans shifts to be butter smooth to the point you do not feel them, you can do that; or if you instead want to be jerked into your seat as you hammer the throttle with the trans set for quickest shifts possible, you can choose that too.” Overall impressions: The C8 that GM created proves that the mid engine Corvette can be both such a comfortable touring car and yet is such an incredibly-capable sports car. The one word I used to describe my driving day was, over and over, its total “stability.” Finally, inside the car was so quiet (except when you wanted your exhaust loud), and for those who had even one once of concern about it being either too noisy with the engine right behind you, or one ounce of concern about of its being to hot inside the car, throw those two concerns completely out the window.
  16. That engine would be awesome for sure. Yeah we haven’t had a mach1 since 2003 and that body style wasn’t right for it IMO. But the 05 style was perfect ... Mongoose still wants a 429 Lincoln with a big rear. .... ...
  17. Yeah it’s all about heritage no matter what car. That’s why we love the Boss mustangs ,Shelby’s and the Corvettes so much. Can’t beat a 70 Boss 302 or a 63 SW coupe IMO. They are both designs that stood the test of time. Names like ZL1,Z28,Z06 and of course Ford with Boss 302 , mach1,Shelby GT350,Shelby GT 500. Will Ford ever use the Boss 429 name ?
  18. Is that much of a drive to the antique mall or store ? If you decide you don’t want it could you get the phone # for me . Or if you want to get pictures I’ll give you my two cents on it . I couldn’t tell from those pictures the exact condition Condition is everything and even on ebay it’s hard to see exactly what the condition is . Ok I know you are tired and I’ll leave you alone for now thanks bud
  19. Sometimes they ( the mall people ) can call the owner and discuss price. I’ve had that happen a lot in antique malls. Ok later.
  20. Hey Mongoose check the collector Shelby site please. Ok yes we both really really really enjoyed that movie. My wife puts up with my crazy cars I buy and isn’t in to them at all. But I must say she really enjoyed this movie. Since we go to Daytona she appreciates sports car racing and really understands the sport. Great that you bought it and can watch it any time you want. It’s that kind of movie. I’m going to rent it from red box probably next week. You and I grew up in that time and can appreciate it’s appeal . I had a dream last night I had a one seater lotus. Boy was it cool to work on. Woke up really excited on getting the mid engine corvette soon. More so then ever. You know I could never drive that Ford GT flat out. It was just a very dangerous car to drive fast because it had no nannies and horrible Good years. I’m so looking forward to this new C8 it’s not funny . I recorded the 24 hour Daytona race and enjoy watching it at different times. Once you are bitten by the car bug it just doesn’t go away. No vaccine for it except to keep it at bay. Don’t buy to many cars and lose money. Or buy mostly used.
  21. Mongoose that SM with the box might be worth $462 .That’s about at the top of the market. It really depends on the condition of the truck. If it’s not mint there are a lot of those on ebay all day long. Can you buy there without tax ? thanks bud
  22. Mongoose all done finally got the final decal completed. Just like the original from 1979 below
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