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  1. Die-Cast collections

    Okey dokey
  2. Die-Cast collections

    The coffee is getting cold. Mongoose.
  3. Die-Cast collections

    Now Mongoose needs to come back.
  4. Die-Cast collections

    Ok all you Christmas Santa’s. ....how about a 1947 Dodge power wagon 4X4 Christmas Truck . This First Gear model made by Hasbro is a 1:24 diecast .....it says Tonka Tree Farm on the side. Since Hasbro bought out Tonka years ago that’s cool. It even has axe in the bed to help cut down the trees . The hood swings up to show the flat head six with a whopping 95hp. Top speed was 45 mph in 2 wheel mode . The last picture is the real thing.
  5. Die-Cast collections

    He’s back......Chris that is hey remember the movie the Shining.. Johnny’s back !
  6. Die-Cast collections

    Yeah you posted them on the C8 site.. So at least my memory isn’t gone yet. Eye site .....where are my keys ? Picked up a 1:64 mustang the other day and put it in my pocket....Darn mustang wouldn’t start. Keyless u know. Cute little fur balls you have there.. Not sure when Chris is coming back. He’s still kind of had it with the bickering....which is gone for now. Hopefully the other guys will lighten up and stay that way. We shall see and Chris will eventually post some videos. I have been in contact with him. Later. Slo lane. .
  7. Die-Cast collections

    Mongoose. .....I was at a Alligator farm and wanted to pet the cats. Bonnie said oh oh. I guess I need to get my vertigo checked Hey didn't I see those signs before Ok so I need to remember which dog is which and cat is Ace. I'll work on it. Meanwhile I'll try to locate some models . later slo lane.
  8. Die-Cast collections

    Mongoose do you keep those decanters in your air raid Shelter and that’s why they are still full . Cool collectibles for sure. Looks like Ace is a little bit of a ham when it comes to you taking pictures of models. Hey.... where are the models u know the ones..
  9. Die-Cast collections

    Thanks Mongoose and maybe I’ll check on ebay. Hey guys where are the models ??
  10. Hey Mongoose there are one or two screw ups on the site. Just don’t read their crap. I myself didn’t post much about the video because I didn’t watch it the whole length because I realized I saw it before. But I will say I’m in the same boat because of my age.  My reflex’s are not what they used to be. Too much HP isn’t in the cards for me. This HP war is getting out of hand imo. That’s why I’m hoping that 500 hp will be the base Z51 option in the C8. I couldn’t handle much more. Heck my KR is at my limit but I don’t need wot to enjoy the seat of the pants feel of that low end torque engine. Stay around buddy I always enjoy your 2 cents a lot. I think most of us guys do. I try not to respond to certain individuals on the site anymore. Chris does the same thing. It’s Christmas time so don’t leave we need your laughter. 

    Later. Mike 

  11. Die-Cast collections

    Great you made it over. There’s a lot of cool stuff on here since u left. Take a 👀 oh crap another video. sounds like stripper music. Where are the girls. Couldn’t watch it toooo long.
  12. Die-Cast collections

    Mongoose I love those pictures but watch out Sean May be on his way over here. That wall hanging picture with the lights is cool. Where did you get that ?
  13. Sean please don't post street racing on TS forum. Take it down because that will get you or this post blocked 

    thanks. Mike 

  14. Die-Cast collections

    Here are some cool GULF colors. Got this slot car set many years ago. Don’t race them just think they are pretty good detail. Can’t usually find these in diecast. ScaleXtric Aston Martin Racing team. Hope you guys enjoy.
  15. Die-Cast collections

    Hey Mongoose my brokers office is closed today so I can’t buy that gold Ford GT......... Been busy setting up the snow village for the grandkids . See How many mustangs you can count..... Got to keep this site diecast you know . There’s also a Ford car dealership in the village . That’s why so many mustangs.. The last couple pictures are from last year when we had SNOW ❄️ and the kids over. The last picture is a toy from the 1950’s. They don’t make em like that anymore. It’s the same gauge steel they used to make cars with back then. See that little hand in the last picture...our granddaughter trying to reach for the toy. Will says no way it’s mine !
  16. Die-Cast collections

    Bailey is always on the hunt for anything small that I might drop. She will steal it and run off to the dining room. It’s her storage room for anything she can get her mouth around. Papers even small toys when the grandkids are here. Off she goes and says catch me if you can. She is funny as hell when she does that. Even outside she will try to hide an acorn in her mouth and deposit it in the dining room. Just a little thief. She is asking how fast does she go ? Faster then you bailey. She is trying to grow a mask like the Lone Ranger ....so nobody will recognize her . When she steals things. See how darker her face has changed over two years
  17. Die-Cast collections

    Hey Chris I must admit you always find a funny little thing in my pictures that makes me laugh my ass off.....Thanks buddy. Man hole cover who comes up with this stuff. You need to write for Larry David....Too bad your stuff is all packed away. Go enjoy some red wine with G.. Later slo lane .
  18. Die-Cast collections

    That right there is a cool family of pets. Never a dull moment I bet. The collies are super cute in that picture and look like BFF ...When you throw the ring which one brings it back lol 😂 .Thanks for sharing. Later Slo lane.
  19. Die-Cast collections

    Ok here is a hot wheels PJ mustang Boss 302. It’s super small as you can see from the pictures. But for its size it’s also super cool. Down sizing and the size really makes for some out of focus pictures. Sorry 😐 The proportions are really neat and the decals are right on. For the money this thing is a blast.
  20. Die-Cast collections

    It’s amazing those two cats and dogs get along so well. The cats look very laid back and enjoying the warm sun. Little bailey says hi and is always looking for a spot in the sun. Cool classic engine collection. I don’t think bailey really knows cats have claws. She will walk up to one and put her nose right in front of a cat or kitten. Then all of a sudden swipe and look out. It’s kind of funny and the cat or cats never really claw her. Later.
  21. Die-Cast collections

    Mongoose thanks for the kind words as always. Yeah we are lucky enough to live 25 minutes away from our grandkids. Also lucky that our son calls on us a lot to babysit , birthday party’s and all the holidays get togethers. It’s certainly fun and is flying by so fast. Got to go find some more diecast.
  22. Die-Cast collections

    Yes Mongoose .....I do appreciate that item A Lot with Rotunda on it..When I was Like 6 years old my dad would take me to the Ford Rotunda for the annual Christmas party. All us kids would go up on stage and get a cool ford toy car or some modern toy car. Those days really felt like a close Ford family back then. My dad loved taking me there and it was only me and him. Nice bonding for sure. When I was 16 I Worked at Fords Greenfield Village in the summer and would ride to work with my dad. He worked right around the corner at the Ford engineering building. He would have to listen to my Motown sounds in the car. It bugged him at times ...he was kind of old fashion. Lol 😂 My mom gave me this Ford Rutonda plate after my dad passed. She was 98 when she gave me this. She lived to be 100.... she wanted me to have this.
  23. Diecast Authentic

    Mongoose repost your Shelby picture over at the C8 site please.
  24. Diecast Authentic

    Hey mongoose you are not going to believe this but our site is back up. I guess we can all go back and use this as a back up if this happens again. Tim the administrator emailed me and said he only meant to hide two post . It was a mistake in the process no way I’m I buying anything for a long while.
  25. Diecast Authentic

    Nice price on a 2008 KR with 5000 miles.They say no issues but I wonder. Might be wrecked car that dodged the Carmax report. Too good to be true. That means they bought this car for like $37K . That’s lower then anything in the market by $10K. Most low mileage cars are like $51K to $86K for a 81mile car. Now most 08 ‘s will eventually have to have the faulty fly wheel replaced alone with the rest of the parts it will damage. That’s probably $4500 right there.