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  1. Brand new Boss 302 Laguna Saca Wheels still in their boxes from Ford with valve stem sensors and tool.Comes with center caps.$1250.00.plus shipping or pickup.
  2. Are there any cars or trucks, painted Avalanche Grey or Magnetic, in the current Ford line up?
  3. Are there any current cars or trucks painted Avalanche Grey or Magnetic in the Ford Line up?
  4. If anyone is interested,i have a great space,at the Carlisle All Ford Nationals, in the Cars For Sale Corral .This is is my permanent yearly space.I have no cars for sale this year. It is located right outside the main Car Corral Building. g-cats
  5. Thank You,for the reply.I will give it a try.
  6. What do you use on your polished Whipple Supercharger to keep it new looking?? g-cats
  7. Thank You ,for the information !! g-cats
  8. I would like to purchase The Ford Shelby GT500 Book by Larry Edsall,for my son.The book was sold by Shelby,but they are sold out. Can anyone help me out. Thanks g-cats
  9. My son has a 26 foot trailer, that was custom built ,so the car door will swing out the side escape door.This can be accomplished by having the trailer body raised and the escape door frame lowered.Then the fold down ramp,on the rear door will have to be extended.Talk to your trailer dealer about your concerns. My Shelby GT/SC and his GT500 drivers door will open out the escape door.
  10. Thanks,for the information.I will check out Grabber's installation pictures. g-cats
  11. Has anyone installed the Shelby GT Brake Duct Bezels on there car? Each bezel has a inlet to house a PIAA driving light and a inlet for brake cooling. Would like to hear from anyone who have installed these bezels. Thanks, g-cats
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