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  1. You can find it in the Shelby store. Shelbystore.com
  2. Room is booked for us also!! Can’t wait!! 🤗
  3. Is there a chance there would be room for 2 more people at the Cantina for lunch??? Bev and I would like to continue with the group from Havasu!
  4. Lunch in Lake Havasu on the 8 th... we would like to meet up with everyone there... Do you have a destination picked out??? And would we be welcome to join in from there??
  5. Sorry we missed You RICK.. hope all is going well for You?!! Hopefully we can meet up at a Shelby Event in 2018! Except for the Shelbys there's nothing like those Grandkids to keep you young!! They are so much fun!
  6. Absolutely correct!! Single entry is by far the best and easiest way to do this!! We are so EXCITED To be able to come to another GREAT SHELBY EVENT!! Our Friends we have made there are the absolute BONUS!!! Looking forward to seeing you all!!
  7. On our way from west of Madison WI! Looking forward to meeting up with Team Shelby Members at the Gilmore!
  8. God truly blessed the Automotive world when he gave us Carroll! RIP Carroll and know we are enjoying those cars and experiences you shared with us! Your legacy lives on!
  9. I have recently added a post for a friend who has a 2008 GT500 KR for sale. You can find it under the GT500 Classifieds.
  10. Soon My Friends.... Real Soon!! Keep your Eyes on the Prize! ............ Can't WAIT!!
  11. Hey Jim, He DID indeed tell me he saw you! He just didn't know if you knew it was him as he was in his Semi delivering for Roundy's at the time! I am so glad you were able to make it to Cruise for a Cause and that you had a good time! Kyle Caraway who heads up the Shelbyfest in Missouri was there also. If you got the chance to meet him, I am sure he Loved your Car!! The Bash and Shelbyfest are two events we always look forward to! I hope Cruise for a Cause can start to bring people from All OVER as well! These are all great events to support good causes and the time with Friends and the cars are the Plus!! Take Care and If not before...see you in VEGAS!!!
  12. We sure missed seeing everyone this year!! Prior commitments kept us away, but we will Definitely be making plans for next! Jim so happy you were able to be here! Take Care my friend!!!
  13. I am patiently awaiting the Official DATES for the 2017 Team Shelby BASH so I can put in for my Time off before someone beats me for those dates. When someone has an Idea.. will you Please Let us know?? THANKS
  14. Driving to Vegas from WISCONSIN... Always!! Nothing is Better!! Although having the event end of Winter season is somewhat easier on the Wife's stress level... and mine too if you know what I mean??
  15. Four Posts back H0050 has an attachment of the GROUP PHOTO... it is shown as a thumbnail but when you click on it, it blows up the image.
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