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  1. .....two IDs...imagine that....who would've thought.......LOL the back and forth fun in the old days really was enjoyable until a few took things too too seriously.
  2. I miss the old days of stangs unleashed....just sayin'
  3. ...thanks old friend.....good to see you drop into the "house"....
  4. ..welcome back Joe.......long time no see............
  5. ........who are you calling a character old man?????? past your bedtime!!!
  6. ..I think he's just stocking up on parts.........either that or he's planning some wild street racing this weekend and figures to run into something :P
  7. that sucks; if I didn't know I would have some irritation from my dealer I would go ahead and offer up my tranny since mine still runs pretty much ok.
  8. yea; I figured I had better get it scheduled; the zone rep called them today asking if he could have my new tranny for another dealer's customer who needs a transplant. Luckily, my parts manager told him to go elsewhere :rolleyes:
  9. back when I was young, I had a friend with a station wagon that used to belong to the us forest service; so not any carpet, had vinyl seats etc. We would pull into a car wash, wash the outside, and then open the doors and wash the inside. Very effective.
  10. surgery on 4/22; hope all goes well. Their eyes glazed over when I mentioned the need to use the vacuum pump, but I stayed pretty insistent, so they are gonna try to find out where theirs is stashed.
  11. I'm saying that my wife is pissed off that I stay on this pc so late at night I just ran across that today, and it just seems so typical of some of the internet back and forths; like when the terminator guys were saying how fat and slow these gt500s were gonna be ...I guess I haven't heard any of them say that lately :happy feet:
  12. I just take the easy/lazy way and put a large towel on top of the engine, under where the vents drain. Not that much water comes through the vents anyway, unless you direct the spray directly into the vents.
  13. ..you're the first one to ask my only really bad habit is my ponytail; my wife is ready to cut it off or possibly pull it out by the roots some night after I go to bed :D ... that and never knowing whether I'm online as badcat or kcmo...
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